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Vol3 Jamie Fuckfest

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DescriptionSeanCody - Vol3 - Jamie - Fuckfest - DVD - Widescreen

The total length of this DVD is 3hrs.

Videos included on DVD:

01 - SeanCody - Jamie & Yuri
02 - SeanCody - Jamie & Kurt
03 - SeanCody - Jamie & Jonah
04 - SeanCody - Jamie & Dennis
05 - SeanCody - Jamie & Ben
06 - SeanCody - Jamie & Alan

Jamie & Yuri

Yuri had so much fun on his last visit, he was really excited to come back. He’s a lot of fun to be around, and he has a ton of energy. I wanted to pair him up with a hot, enthusiastic guy who likes to get fucked hard!
Of course, Jamie seemed to be the perfect choice. He’s always eager to please a hot new top, and as he’s gained more “experience” he’s gotten better and better at it.
I just knew that the guys would get along really well, so I wanted to take them out to the beach for some pre-sex activities. Once we got there, it almost seemed like a little competition between the two of them -- who could ham it up more for the camera?
We brought one of those long, thick tug-of-war ropes, and Jamie had it wrapped around him, ready to walk to the beach.
“Doesn’t he look cute with that rope wrapped around him?”
“Yes,” Yuri said with a big smile. “He does!”
It was a short walk onto the sand, and both of them were talking about who was going to win. They have similar builds (lean and muscular), so I wasn’t sure...
The actual tug-of-war was really hot! Their muscles really worked under the hot sun, and all that tugging really made their muscles stand out!
Yuri was the winner (twice).
“I guess that means I get to bottom,” Jamie joked. Well, that was going to happen anyway!
The boys seemed extra horned up, so we headed back.
Jamie started out by giving Yuri some head, which Yuri loved. Then, Yuri really fucked the hell out of Jamie.
Jamie finally ejaculated, and it was big and messy!
Yuri was next, cumming all over Jamie’s face and neck. The best part was the make-out session afterward, with Yuri licking up every drop of cum!

Jamie and Kurt

Now here's a very cute face that we haven't seen in a while!
When we first met Jamie, he and his brother Lucas had come out at the same time to do videos (separately!). Jamie said he was planning on enlisting in the service in hopes of becoming a Navy Seal.
Well, he did enlist and he is well on his way to making his goal. So it was very, very surprising when my phone rang and it was Jamie saying that he was interested in getting fucked!
I figured that after he joined the military, I'd never hear from him again. However, his offer had one string attached... that we couldn't tell his brother!
When he finally arrived, he was sporting the military haircut and he had picked up the habit of saying "Sir" a lot!
But he was still adorable as ever and eager to go.
I knew that Jamie would be comfortable with Kurt. Sometimes with newbies you have to put them with someone who can put them at ease.
Then came another surprise — Jamie was really pretty aggressive and absolutely LOVED everything he and Kurt did together.
He devoured Kurt's cock, and squirmed while Kurt ate his ass. His back arched and his eyes rolled while Kurt pounded him, and the end... well, let's just say that cum-eating fans are going to enjoy it!

Jamie and Jonah

Jamie always has this adorable smile on his face whenever he's about to get fucked!
He also has a devilish look in his eyes, so I'm not sure what's going on inside his head!
On this visit, he met Jonah. Both of them were looking really hot...
Jamie loves to bottom, and he took Jonah's pounding like a champ!
Check out the load Jonah blows all over Jamie's butt and back, and don't miss the out takes at the end!

Jamie and Dennis

One of the things I love about versatility is that the sex is usually twice as intense. Take Jamie andDennis, for instance — they both have fucked and been fucked. And they love doing both. That just makes my job harder. Usually, there’s one guy who you know is going to be the top and one that is going to bottom. With these two, it could have gone either way. So, do I let them decide? Do I just let it happen and see who takes on the more dominant role? Do I wait and hope that they’ll just end up fucking each other?
When they met, it became pretty obvious that Jamie was going to be the bottom. Dennis did his research and had heard some great things about Jamie’s exceptional “talents.” He also hasn’t topped for a while and really wanted to fuck. Don’t get me wrong, I think Jamie would have been a great top, but Dennis was so excited about fucking that he wouldn’t stop talking about it!
Both of these guys are funny, very down to earth and seemingly unafraid of almost anything. The two of them together was like "ham-it-up" central… almost as if it were a competition to see who had the biggest balls, who could make the most awkward face, or who was the most flexible. But in the end, the real question I had was...Who’s face would end up covered in cum?

Jamie and Ben

Jamie is so fucking cute! He had heard that Ben has a big cock and he was "concerned."
"You like them big?"
"I want it average..." Jamie replied.
"What's average?"
"7 and a half, it would be..."
Well, Jamie has a weird idea about "average" is, but that's OK!
Ben thought Jamie's concern was really cute. In fact, he thought everything about Jamie was cute...
"So what do you think of this little hunk of man here?"
"It's going to be a good day!" Ben replied. "He's hot and I love fucking guys who are smaller than me!"

Jamie and Alan

From the moment Jamie and Alan met, I knew we were in for some roughhousing!
From Alan's off-color jokes to Jamie's handstands, both of them LOVE to goof off! Only minutes into the shoot they had clicked and were giving each other shit.
They talked straight-guy girl stuff for a moment, but I was excited to see them fuck, so we segued out of that quickly! Both of them are bundles of energy, and I knew that Jamie could take Alan's pounding.
And he did! In fact, Jamie was so into it, he starting to push down and grind himself on Alan's cock!
I love how Jamie has become quite a dominant bottom!
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