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Cameron Matthews vs Rudolfo Dias Wrestling

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Double-Stuffed Pain

One of the amazing facets of BG East is following a wrestler from the genesis of their career all the way to their apex, whether watching a wrestler move from wide-eyed rookie to hardened heel or from jobber to seasoned pro. Here, we see that genesis and apex. Rudolfo Dias is literally at the start of his career, making his BGE debut. Will this incredibly hot rookie, with his chiseled abs and his luscious dark skin that highlights each defined muscle perfectly, rise to the occasion and truly make a name for himself? Or will someone who may be at their apex crush those dreams before they can take off?

In Cameron Matthew's case, we've watched him steadily grow out of his mesmerizing babyface figure into one of the most experienced, talented and studly hunks on the scene. Of course, even when Cameron is rocking such a stunningly impressive man-in-his-prime physique (and just a little scruff), he still has some of that babyface persona on the inside. Case in point, when he arrives on the scene for his latest match, he reaches into his incredibly revealing hot pink speedos and pulls out...a cookie?!

Surely Cameron's legions of fans would love to have that cookie, but poor Rudolfo is as confused as one might expect. This is his first match at BGE and this is not what he expected. But that's Cameron, getting wrestlers off their game one cookie at a time. And it makes sense for Cameron to try and play some head games with him, because Rudolfo is not only one incredibly sexy Latin hunk, but he's got enough muscle packed onto that frame to give even a pro like Cameron pause. So it should come as no surprise that Cameron escalates his unorthodox approach of getting inside his opponent's head from offering a bite of his half-eaten speedo cookie straight into insulting Rudolfo's mother and father.

But Rudolfo just shrugs off the insults. And when Cameron doesn't get the reaction he wants, he goes to what he knows best: down and dirty mat grappling! The two go down in a tangle of limbs, each struggling for the upper-hand. Few can surpass Cameron on the mats, though, with all his years of amateur and pro experience. Even so, Rudolfo gives Cameron a lot more trouble than he expects, surprising the veteran time and again!

After Cameron shows the rookie what BGE grappling looks like, he's completely caught off-guard when Rudolfo breaks off and lifts Cameron into an over-the-shoulders airplane spin 'n slam. Cameron wasn't expecting to break a sweat, let alone get slammed by a rookie. But the surprises keep coming, as Rudolfo uses his fantastic agility to lock-on a handstand headscissors that leaves Cameron gasping for air. This is some startling action!

But this is Cameron Matthews. THE Cameron Matthews. He's not going to be some rookie's punching bag and become a laughing stalk at BG East. He's taken way too much time building up his reputation for that to happen. Whether it's a vicious boston crab or a guillotine-bodyscissors combo, Matthews knows how to utilize his finely honed muscles to cause maximum pain! But Rudolfo may be running on rookie adrenaline, because no matter what Cameron throws his way, he just shakes it off and bounces back for more.

This match is most definitely one of the most brutal mat matches at BGE. Painful leg submissions that leave the wrestlers screaming for mercy are juxtaposed with dirty chokes and sleepers that show these studs' determination for the win. Seasoned vet Cameron throws everything he's got at newbie Rudolfo, who responds with a shocking amount of fight for a rookie. If Cameron is at his Apex, does that mean Rudolfo is knocking him from that pinnacle? In the end, Matthews may wish he had stayed home eating cookies.
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