MC - Dwight 4

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Description - Dwight contacted me a few weeks ago and wanted to come see me after returning from leave. Today, Dwight has returned and this boy looks better than ever and I think that 9 inch cock of his has grown. Watch as Dwight takes Rob for a magic carpet ride on my bed and fuck Rob in all sorts of positions before he whispered my favorite words.. "I"m about to cum"... the rest is history on tape!
        I had to go pick this one up at the train station in south Orange County because Dwight is in Cali without transportation and needs money to focus on his future here in San Diego. Dwight looked HOT and was dressed in baggy ass pants that were slim fit at the legs, baseball cap and a backpack. I said to myself.. "is this boy for me?" We had good conversation on the way back to my studios and he was all smiles when I told him how much he would be making today.
Once we were back, we made our way to my living room and filled out the paperwork needed and immediately began drinking and smoking. Once we got in a good mood, I began taking amazing photos of this stud and his 9 inch puppy! Once we got past the photos we made our way downstairs to my bedroom and that's where the action began. I sat Dwight down at my bed and turned on the porn and there was not a lot of words spoken today so we got right down to business.
          Before we got down to fucking, Dwight had to handle my ass a little and lick that hole but good! This was the prelude to what was coming so I knelt down in front of Dwight and began to slowly suck his cock that within seconds became rock hard and that when I went crazy on his cock. I think I sucked this boy with more enthusiasm then I have ever had on a penis before. I deep throated this boy and took his cock to a new level of pleasure and it was evident by the look on his face.
    Next I rode that boy in many different positions including the cowboy position both backwards and forwards before we moved on to the side saddle position and ending with the doggie style position! Dwight knows how to fuck and like any straight guy loves a tight hole. Within minutes I had him squirming in his boots before he warned me that he was about to cum and boy what a load he blew! Check this one out!

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