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BG East Nude Wrestling: Jose vs Jay Austin

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DescriptionA hot squash match from BG East between two young and cocky muscle hunks that ends in a nude round. Hunky prettyboy Jay Austin enters the ring, stretching and flexing his gorgeous ripped body. When latin stud Jose enters dressed entirely in an intimidating black leather getup, Jay Austin looks like a babyface getting ready to be fed to the heel. But Jay is young and arrogant and seems unphazed at first. Some trash talking between the two cocky studs as Jose begins removing his leather jacket and pants to reveal a ripped bronzed body and tight packed white trunks that read "beef eater" on the back. It becomes clear that arrogant young Jay may be in for a beating.

The two lock up, and sure enough Jose begins to dominate Jay. A nasty dragon sleeper gives the first round to Jose. The latin stud continues to dominate nearly all of the second round as well until Jay locks on a full nelson that Jose struggles for nearly 3 minutes to escape before shockingly submitting. Pissed at his surprise win in the second round, Jose goes in viciously on Jay and quickly scores another submission. Jay argues that Jose doesn't play fair however and demands one last round.

Not too far in, and it's clear that the bulge in Jose's tight white trunks is growing. Jose quips "you're making me horny, I'm gonna take this off", issuing a challenge to Jay fora nude final round. Cocky Jay is game, exclaiming to Jose, "I bet it's tiny Mr. Pee Wee" and "I'm 3x the man you are." "We'll see about that" Jose smugly responds. Jay slowly strips off his trunks as horny Jose says "show it to me prettyboy!" A surprisingly big and thick rod pops out of Jay's green trunks, showing the prettyboy is well hung indeed. Jose however taunts "am I supposed to be impressed?" as he peels off his tight trunks to reveal a crazy long and hard cock that shows just where he gets all of that machismo from! Clearly thinking he had Jose beat at something this time, Jay is taken aback and quickly resorts to calling Jose's big tool "fake." Now somewhat emasculated, Jay is an easy target for the big dicked and aggressive latin spitfire coming at him. Before too long an agonizing ab claw has exposed Jay screaming out a final submission. Hung Jose takes his time with victory poses and taunts as his hard schlong dangles and swings over beaten Jay. A very hot ending to a very hot pro squash match.
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