Bel Ami - Pillow Talk 2 mp4

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Description"The five couplings in George Duroy's sensational Pillow Talk 2 prove that the most intimate conversations are ones without words. Come eavesdrop on some of the world's most beautiful men, as Pillow Talk 2 proves you get to know a guy so much better in bed.

The movie opens with Joel D'Amici cooking breakfast for Mark Aubrey whilst Mark is browsing through some photos that the pair had made earlier. This gets Joel all worked up and they are soon working it out in the bedroom. It is great to see two guys so obviously turned on by each other. Hold onto your seats as this is one heck of a ride, finishing off with a fountainous climax from Mark.

Next we are invited into the bedroom of Benjamin Bloom and Chris Casablanca, also going through the family album. As they reminisce, we are transported back with them to the time the photos were taken. After exploring each other's bodies completely it is up to Benjamin to prove to Chris that there is not such thing as too big.

In the third scene we move to the bedroom of Danny Saradon and Bolek Polanski. These two waste no time with introductions and amongst the playing around both boys show how eager they are to get to the main course. Both guys love to suck, but it is not long before Danny is in his favorite position: legs up in the air, and Bolek is working himself up to an amazing climax.

If you have not had enough by now, the next scene with Sebastian Bonnet and Troy Allen starts off in the park as they play with some dogs. It is not long however before Sebastian wants to exchange one type of stick game for another, and the boys head back to their room. It seems like Troy was just made as a bottom and Sebastian tries his best to keep him happy. Tongue, one finger, two fingers, and what comes next. That's right - Sebastian.

In the final scene we are again back with Benjamin. This time it's blonde-on-blonde as he invites Josh Elliot to listen to his Pillow Talk. The pair can hardly wait until the photo-shoot is over and the crew is gone before they start. Lucky it is all part of the job. Both boys cum in the middle of the scene, and then Josh shows us how second time does not diminish his enthusiasm, shooting high and all over Benjamin at the end."


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