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Ring of Fire

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DescriptionThe hot power bottom James Aaron, for whom “Ring of Fire” is named (he sports a ring of flames tattoo around his asshole) opens up things with a stunning scene with co-star Andreas Cavalli.

Cavalli’s huge dick springs up when James goes down on it, and the thick piece of meat just seems to strain itself to go deeper in James’ mouth. Andreas then has James on his back, eating out his ass and then fisting him, driving one of his hands after the other into James’ open hole while lube drips off everything. Andreas gets James’ hole so wide open that at one time it almost looks like a vagina. Andreas’ hands, according to James, are just huge.

In the next scene, Jackson Lawless gets to play with a handsome dude, Sage Daniels. Sage gets his tongue deep in Jackson’s butt, then puts him on his back and pushes a huge black dildo into Jackson’s ass, corkscrewing it around for full effect. The rest of the scene alternates between fisting and dildo action, and through it all, Jackson impresses with his ability to take more and more, and then, beg for more.

Evan Matthews, another amazing power bottom, does a solo act next that is almost unbelievable, sitting on two-foot-long dildos and taking every inch of them. How the hell does he do it? It’s like those old sword-swallowing acts, you have to wonder. In addition to the amazing two-foot-dildo disappearance, Evan can also fist himself and push his asshole so far out that you wonder if it’ll even go back in — then it does, whoosh, just like that. That’s a well-trained booty.

James is on all-fours sucking Tyler Saint when the next scene fades in, but they’re not alone: Peter Dutch is off to the side, filling his ass up with dildo. This leads to a side-by-side fisting, in which the talented Tyler does the other dudes together. Later, a fisting train is featured, with Peter giving it to James while Tyler fists Peter.

The last scene brings hot daddy Trey Walker to the action, featured with gorgeous studpup Andre Barclay. Trey starts off by eating out Andre’s ass, then he wields a few very sizeable dildos, fucking andre with them. By the end, Andre has been big-time fisted by Trey, and Andre cums, then pisses, while Trey presses his fist against Andre’s G-spot.
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