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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-05-27 |
Original upload: 2010-01-08 |

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First upload. Let's hope it works...

Man, I've been hanging to put this shoot up ever since it was filmed the other week. Two very hot and very popular guys. Kahn, the mine worker from up north, and Nathan, the muscular rough nut fresh out of prison.
With both of these guys their first shoots were very popular. Not only that both where up for doing some more work. I just wasn't sure how far either of them would go. I knew Nathan was pretty open minded and willing to give some things ago, but I just wasn't sure about Kahn. I got him on the phone and hit him up for what I knew was gonna be a long shot. Nothing ventured nothing gained as they say. But after a bit of chatting and some $$$ talks (and $$$ do talk) we cam up with a shoot. All I need was Nathan.
Nathan, being an ex con, fucking Kahn wasn't gonna be an issue. As he said, it's something he's done to other inmates in prison, so doing it on the outside and being paid for it, was kind of like a bonus.
With the exception of the first couple of minutes in the intro, this shoot keeps it's pace all the way to the end. Really happy with the way this turned out.

As always.....ENJOY!!!
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