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V31 - Eiffel Tower Dreams
Most Americans who go to Paris come back with jet lag. Steve came back with Eiffel-Tower-On-The-Brain. He was so obsessed with the enormous, long, stiff, steel edifice that he was DREAMING about it. So, we dedicated our last movie in the Paris videos to one of Steve’s dreams, complete with World War Two sound effects, skateboards, a special cameo appearance by (of course) Cher, and a lots of bear cum all over his furry belly.

V32 - DungeonBuns Part 1 - 50 Ways to Eat Your Lover
Don’t need to be coy, Roy. Just lick out the crack, jack. Keep it real wet, Bret. (Sorry). OK, we decided to make a movie featuring buttlicking, which is one of Steve’s all-time favorite specialties. Butt wouldn’t you know it? Steve never seemed to listen when the director said “cut!” Or when the director said, “OK, CUT! Hugo’s so relaxed he’s nearly unconscious!” Or when the director said, “Hey I’ve been upside now for so long I can hardly breathe!” So, we ended up (!) with way too much footage. Make that rearage. Anyways, here’s part one—the first twenty-five, or so.

V33 - Ready Whip Bears
Steve wanted to test the audio capabilities of his new computer. I suggested that we make a new Dungeonbear movie so that he could create a soundtrack. “Great idea,” he said, “I know! You tie me up and feed whipped cream to me on your dick!” Sounded good to me, but I wondered why Steve insisted that the restraints be kind of loose and that I go easy on the whipped cream. I thought he was maybe watching his bear calories. I was wrong.

V34 - DungeonBubbles
Your humble DungeonBears were traveling in a city where it always rains. At least, that’s all it did when we were there. So we rode out the storm in our hotel’s big, bear-sized bathtub. Steve got soaked anyways going out to find a bottle of bubble bath, but it was worth it. We got real clean, and Hugo even got licked clean from the inside out (at least, that’s what it felt like). All that white stuff floating on the water? It’s not all bubbles.

V35 - 2007 - A Butt Odyssey
I dreamed I was an astronaut floating through the deep, dark, silence of space. Then two large, round orbs appeared in the distance. Moons? Assteroids? I couldn’t tell. They drifted closer and I could see how large they were. Large and round and…the strangest thing—they were furry. And warm. Suddenly, they enveloped my face, my thrusters kicked in and I shot into hyperspace with colors and lights flying all around me. Whew! When I woke up, Hugo was sitting on my face.

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