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Model: Mikey
Studio: BF Collection (BoyFun)
Duration: 34 minutes total, across 4 different vids
Video:  Windows Media WMV,  320x240

BF Collection has a lot of models, and I was a site member many years ago (thus these files), so eventually I ended up with some favorites.  Mikey is one of them.

He's got a goofy who-cares attitude (as you'll see in the videos) but this blond bigboy looks really great on camera, and he looks like he has fun doing it.  You can tell he easily sunburns, poor thing.  You get the whole collection of his photo shoot in the torrent.

He's a big boy - looks to be over 6 feet, and he's not a skinny assed kind of twink.  He's got a nice sporty hunky build.  Some muscle, some chest, some shoulders.  And to top his blond smooth mole-spotted goodness, is a gorgeous uncut slab of polish sausage between the legs.  I can't tell if they fluff him for the photo shoot(s) or if he's just hung at rest like that.  Looking at his huge low-hung ball sack, I'm almost thinking it's not fluffed at all !  Regardless, that big pony schlong hanging down makes you just want to start sucking it and making it rock hard.  The photo shoot included shows Mikey doing lots of poses around a pool, and with a skateboard.  Some great use of playing peekaboo with his meat - keeping shorts on, and just letting it flop out here and there.

Vids are typical solo jackoff sessions, as all BF models had to do.  4 vids are included.

Keep in mind, these were PAYING MEMBER files - and yes that was the members-only quality back then.  Digital photography had come a long way a lot sooner than video and codecs for the internet.  A shame they didn't have HD for Mikey back then.  Enjoy!

Tags:  ~hung, ~blond, ~teen, ~twink, ~hunk, ~skateboard, ~pool, ~cum, ~solo, ~uncut

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