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DescriptionPorn Boss w Jinn
Looking damn stylish in his suit, handsome Mike (packinÂ’ a barely concealed weapon), Mann is representing Papithugz in Porn Boss. We all know Mr. Mann got that party-size dick for you fellas with a big appetite. Not everyone can handle all that bone and itÂ’s a two-hander and way more than a mouthful. Gin stepped up to show yaÂ’ll how itÂ’s done. His deep throat skillz and smooth brown bubble-ass promise some all-day fun. When he backs that ass up on the Mann-pole, Mike is in boy-booty heaven and a star is born. Yeah, itÂ’s all about Papithugz.

The Art Of Sex w Krave
Super sexy Ace Rockwood gets behind the camera for another installment of DAWGPOUNDÂ’S Pornstar Director Series.  He brought together tall, handsome Mike Mann and Krave in all his luscious goodness for The Art of Sex.  ItÂ’s a marathon of serious dick sucking and long, deep and hard ass fucking.  ItÂ’s Krave on the dick and Mann all up in that ass DAWGPOUND style.  Get you some.

Dicked w  Red , Vice , Ace Rockwood
It's PAPITHUGZ so it's time to get DICKED. Today, RED's devilish grin is focused on that pretty papa, VICE. And, it don't take long before RED's getting a taste of VICE's sweet, bubble-ass. Getting it ready for things to come -- yeah. VICE got to get his, too, so he let's loose RED's big, fat, uncut dick to slurp on. RED lets him get as much as he wants, wouldn't you? Of course, that rock-hard bone is meant to bust open some good booty-hole, and though VICE says, "It hurts!," papa took it -- all. Next up, ACE ROCKWOOD and MIKE MANN, rocking their massive pipes in search of a nutt. BIG DICK DOUBLE JACK-OFF, a little something extra from ACE and the PORNSTAR DIRECTOR'S SERIES. Making his porn debut, MIKE MANN is truly the NEXT BIG THING. I mean, DAMN, that's a lot of dick. En PAPITHUGZ, mantenemos el flojo de leche. And you love it!

A Porn Star in the Making w Hunter
Big, huge, lovable Mike was here for a few days and we found an awesome partner for him – Hunter! If you enjoyed Mike’s last scene with Ty, wait until you see this one! It begins with Hunter showing off some amazing blow job skills which are even more butt slapping special given that Mike had 11 1/2 inches of hard meat to push down his gullet. When Mike doesn’t think he’s trying hard enough he just grabs the back of his head and guides him to exactly where he wants. And face fucking / choking with a giant flesh pole? We got that too for ya! The guys next move on to some serious dicking down with Mike’s XXL Magnum (Did you know they make those? Neither did we but this is Mike’s world…) before Hunter decides to ditch it and go skinning all the way in. Your author is doing everything he can not to include too many exclamation marks in this scene description but is having a VERY difficult time with it. Just hit that play button and you’ll see why for yourself.

Mike Fills Him Up w Ty
Big Mike is back with his 11 1/2 inches of thick hard dick, and “Wow!!” does he know how to make a return to the spotlight! The guy genuinely wants to put on the best performance possible for his growing base of fans, so he asked to fly in early for some one-on-one training off camera. As you’ll see, his dedication paid off! We also did minimal directing and cuts for his first Masquerade Men fuck scene so that his session with Ty.

Special: A Porn Star in the Making – XXXtended Version w Hunter
In a first for Masquerade Men, Mike’s scene with Hunter “demanded” an extended version because it was so difficult for our editor to cut out any of the footage. Actually it was his idea! He said, “You need to see this … Other than a few seconds here and there, I have nothing to remove for the edited version for the web site!” We don’t want to ruin the world of porn for you, but the scenes you see everywhere can sometimes require up to twice the footage and are then cut down to the “best of the best” portions. Guys have hardon issues… The lighting for this or that angle is bad… The director’s feet can be seen (!!)… A guy needs more lube… An entire sex position is deemed boring on film…. tons of reasons for editing!

But this scene with Mike and Hunter was so nearly perfect from start to finish that we had to share it with you. Less than one minute in total was removed, and it’s a testimony to how outstanding these two guys were to work with. Pats on the back go to Mike especially because it was important to him to not have the cameras stop once he began because he truly wanted to catch genuinely great sex. And that we did… What do you think? Hopefully you’ll let us know via the “Contact” link at the bottom of the page or in the comments portion of our blog!

Mike Mann Fucks Logan Vaughn
Both Mike Mann and Logan Vaughn are back with us again and we couldnÂ’t be happier! Actually, MikeÂ’s big ass dick and LoganÂ’s fuck hole are pretty happy about it too. MikeÂ’s last pairing with one of our other Masquerade Men, which we will show you later, had been pretty rough so he wanted to take it easier with Logan. He first began with his best efforts to suck MikeÂ’s pole but thereÂ’s only so much you can do with something that big. MikeÂ’s groans told him he was doing it right, but that was only the beginning! From the moment LoganÂ’s underwear was pulled down past that incredibly round rump of his until they both sprayed their cum all over each other, Mike did what he does best, and again, we couldnÂ’t be happier!

Big Dick Fuck'n w Mysterio
MIKE MANN, tall, tight, handsome, sexy and packing major dick is back at PAPITHUGZ. We're talking two-handed dick so we hooked him up with Mysterio, who lusts for the bone, worships the pipe, and don't waste no time getting what he wants -- a deep taste of long, hard, thick DICK. And, I ain't mad. MR. MANN gives him plenty to love and one hole is just as good as another, so whether the young papa is choking on it or getting that booty-hole busted wide, it don't matter when you gotta get that nut! Deep, hard and nasty, that's how we do it at PAPITHUGZ.
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