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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2009-08-21 |

Primal UK's First Release Absolution: The Uncut Version

Starring: Augusto, Matt, Skunk, Danny, Osman, Daddymuscl, Mich, Darren, Martin, J-lube, Marinesub, Matt.

Sex does not get much rougher, includes pissing, fisting, candle wax, spanking and a lot of clothes pegs especially for one guy, plus a lot more.

Here's a treat for British porn buyers and lovers of British men, something nice and extreme for those boys who like, all those alternative optional extras, if you know what I mean!

There are five scenes of something themed on the extreme which are titled Skins, Initiation, Daddy's Boi, Rubber and Red.


You wouldn't normally want to meet these two BNP looking skin heads down a dark alley, not unless you had eaten three Shredded Wheat and was feeling invincible. The two guys in question that start the first scene off are quite heavy built and solid, with muscles on muscles so to speak, both guys have shaved heads and one has a beard. They are both in some S&M sex club room and they soon start spitting in each others mouths and roughly man handle each other. It's not long before these two brutish boys spot a slim tall skin head watching them, so the bearded skin head that has a tattoo down the left side of his arm, drags the guy watching them into their sex fest. Since their voyeur slim younger guy, is a young chicken, man pussy, he of course gets well roughed up by the two hairy muscled block head guys. The voyeur skin head soon gets his man pussy well stretched by anal toys, then he gets pissed on, then it's time for some nice big anal balls, that get rammed up his throbbing willing man pussy. There is quite a lot of rimming and also some fisting in this scene.


An early twenties close cropped, almost smooth looking slave guy, with a bit of a goatee is placed on something like a dentists type chair, which can change position. The slaves master is a little older and just about as slim, but more hairy and has a beard, he rubs his gloved up hands over his slave boys body and hits the slave boys cock harder and harder, he also smacks his bottom for being a naughty boy when he finds out his slave boy has shaved his arse before he came to the session. The slave's master who is heavily tattooed places electrodes on the slave boys man tits, he makes the slave boy piss himself and tells him how much of a "dirty fucking pig he is", whilst spooning the slaves own piss into his mouth. Eventually the master also puts electrodes on the slaves cock and balls whilst also blind folding him and other things done to the slave boy are having his balls tied up and flicked, having hot candle wax dripped all over the head of his cock and balls, with pegs then clipped all over his genitals. I must say it does start looking a bit on squeamish side of things.

I'm sure you have now got an idea of the full on content of this European uncut version of the film and the other three scenes have their fair share of man filth too, which include more pissing, fisting and ball whipping. One guy must end up with over a hundred clothes pegs attached to his torso and he gets them all ripped off him, all in one go, as they are also attached to like a spiders web squared piece off cloth as well as the mans skin (looks very painful). There is a mixture of younger and older guys in this. One or two are slim and smooth and the rest are more your rough and ready either hunky or muscled type and hairy.

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