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Gay Visibility - overt.
Nudity - the full monty.

Quality: Good

Subtitles: English

Plot Keywords:
Male Frontal Nudity

a short film by Tomer Velkoff
2009 | 14 mins | Israel
The Traitor - Haboged


Tomer and Shmulik are a couple. One evening, during a causal supper, one of them announces he wants to break up. Pain takes over their intimacy and the night takes an unexpected turn.

The Traitor by Tomer Velkoff What happens when love turns cold? Well in this dramatic, if somewhat alarming take on events, writer Olga Sitovotsky, alongside director and co-star Tomer Velkoff showcase your seemingly everyday loving couple Tomer and Shmulik. Yet not everything is what it appears to be, as over dinner Tomer announces his intent to move out, news that prompts Shmulik to make love with his ex to be, rather than face an emotional showdown. Only as the reality of the situation dawns, is Shmulik prepared to let his lover go, without putting up a fight?

In a short film in which actions speak louder than its almost laconic narrative, Velkoff delivers a work that all too effectively details how quickly a situation can go from bad to worse. It is a film dominated by the gritty realism of its handheld camera work, resulting in an intimate, almost voyeuristic feel, even if such may prove too relentless for some. That said, Velkoff builds up the tension nicely, until and like a ticking time bomb emotions finally explode. Suffice to say, the fact that both men are seen leaving together, arms entwined come the close of play, is not a spoiler in this, at times surreal exploration of the dark side of love.

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