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Cade of Corbin Fisher Collection

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Description18 scenes of my favorite hunk of CF. CADE. Enjoy. You will fucking love him.
Here's a description of him in his first scene:

Ah, Cade. It still blows me away that he's not only been willing, but eager to progress through his CF Education as far as he has! He reminds me of that super hot jock - the football team captain, or school's star wrestler - from college that I'd fantasize over again and again, dumbstruck and awed every time we'd pass each other in the halls or in the quad and at whom I'd nervously steal glances during a class I was lucky enough to share with him, imagining just how amazing it'd be if he'd only had the slightest, even most remote potential to ever get it on with another man. You know the guys I'm thinking about. Hell, oftentimes I'd not even fantasize about doing stuff with these guys myself, but be perfectly content just imagining them doing something with another guy at all - any guy! Alas, all too often fantasy and imagination were as far as it ever went, and I'd be left with endless nights of "What ifs?" and "I wonders...".

But Cade... Cade! Not only is he all man and an absolute stud, but he's also open-minded, knows how to have fun, and has shared every ounce of himself - in every possible way! - with us here on CF! I don't know about you, but for me he's brought countless unfulfilled straight-guy fantasies to fruition by sucking, fucking, getting sucked and getting fucked for us. And so I'm thrilled to be able to share more of him with you now, as he works out and lifts weights just as he has for several years to build that amazing physique that is a big part of why he has so much appeal. Flexing, straining, and then stripping down and showing off that massive meat that only great genes and fortune could give a man and no workout routine could create.

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