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Marcus - The set-up.
Down the athletics track. Posing as doping inspectors. You guessed it. We want your urine.

If you want to get your hands on some prime athlete's arse then this has got to be the best cover story. Since MISSING a dope test, let alone failing one, can harm a young sprinter's career, we guessed that whoever we picked on, would be too spooked to question our authority.

Better still, I know for a fact that the urine samples must be given while the athlete is totally naked AND being witnessed by officials. We slipped into the guise of a couple of cunts really easily, and watch how easily it works, even convincing these 2 suspicious lads, who we ambushed while they were training.

Marcus - 2.
Cock and balls torment, nipple torture, flogging, legs spreader, rope cuffs, double anal forced finger fuck, rectum electro torture, calf muscle/testicle torment.

Marcus has such a proud thick cock and pair of nuts I thought the best way to bring him to heel was to tie them up tightly, and suspend them from a winch. Amazingly he STILL can't fathom why any man would want to do this to him, and this comes across in his rather odd insults, which never assume that Jake and I are gay sadists. On the contrary, we ARE, and this session gives us a fine opportunity to check out Marcus's perfect body without the hinderance of his clothes.

Tight and sinewy, with the absolute minimum amount of fat. I'm sure he's an excellent sprinter and his muscular arse cheeks spread superbly, allowing me to ruin his anal virginity with several fingers, fucking him deeply, followed by a particularly nasty electro-probe which I force into his rectum and then power on to a high setting. He finds this most distressing.

Consequently it must come as quite a relief when I winch his testicles up high, allowing him to demostrate painfully how fit his calf muscles are, or risk kissing his big healthy nuts goodbye.

Marcus - 3
Wrist bondage to overhead winch, metal leg spreader, Y ball-gag head harness, anal fucking from large dildo/broom handle, cold shower, cock and ball weight torture, arse of fire flogging.

Seething with anger, Marcus can only hiss at me through his ball-gag, as I winch his muscular arms painfully back over his head, allowing me free access to enter his hole and lube him up. Obviously having a man finger his private little hole fills him with utter torment, so I can only guess at his suffering as I plough into him with a big juicey dildo, stuck on the end of a filthy wooden broom handle.

This is the nasty vindictive army bullying stuff you've heard about. I bet Marcus is the kind of mean & moody 18 year old dude who would never cry out from pain, yet here we manage to crush him totally with anal torture & hard flogging. His muffled cries are music to my ears. We proceed to heat the boy up considerably with a sustained round of arse flogging, to take his mind off being persistently rogered anally.

After we have his cheeks aflame Jake, kindly soul that he is, provides a nice ice cold shower. Does Marcus thank us? No, he is shivering and shaking with a mixture of terror and cold as we leave him dripping wet, with the broom jammed right up into his guts, held there by an old car tyre.

Marcus - 4
Singapore style spanking that leaves the lad shaking and, erm, worse!

It's all rather unfair. Owing to the fact that Marcus has dark skin, unlike Ryan, we can't really see what should be bright red welts come up while 'tanning his hide', as Mark Twain might call it.

So Jake and I can't be blamed when we take him up to, over, and well past his pain threshold. You'll see from the permanent pyramid in my trousers that I'm far too carried away with my favourite pastime, spanking young straight men, to notice when Marcus is reduced to doing something really very impolite.

But I always like to see the positives in any situation. What Marcus has done gives me good reason to get medieval on his ass. Now what shall I do with that pyramid?

Marcus - 5
Fucked, spit-roasted, oiled up, suspended upside-down, flogged.

Beating and humiliating Marcus was such a turn on, I'd been sporting a major hardon for hours. Having the lad hung by his ankles from the winch, with his anus so invitingly exposed, was just too much to bear a moment longer.I whip down my pants, and first con him into gently kissing the engorged tip of my dick, as if subtle humiliation is all I'm after.

Sadly for him his forced cock-worship is merely a prelude to me penetrating his guts, which I do merrily. By this stage he knows shouting and swearing at us does him no good, so when he does scream, when my knob invades him, I know it's through sheer excrutiating pain and the miserable degradation he is feeling.

You might think for a proud straight teenage athlete it couldn't get any worse than being spit roasted by a couple of pervy older men, but we follow it up by oiling him all over like a slut-boy and hanging him upside down for a sound flogging.
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