Thunders Arena: Dozer vs Lex Squash

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DescriptionAn insanely hot squash match between raging 240lb muscle beast Dozer and twink-ish Lex. The size difference between these two is stunning, as Dozer's near 100 extra pounds of muscle makes Lex look like a little boy competing against a man. And what a man! Dozer lives up to his name, bulldozing over Lex  from the get go. A series of tight bearhugs to start the match leaves Lex exhausted right off the bat. But Dozer is in pure domination mode, and judging by some of the holds this is more than just wrestling to him. Indeed, Dozer is clearly turned on this whole match and can't seem to resist jamming Lex's head up against his ample ass and crotch in various scissor holds. After a lot of submissions and domination, the ending to this one is truly one of the hottest ever. Big Dozer sits on top of Lex and wraps his massive thighs around Lex's head as he squeezes so tight all his muscles explode with power. He flexes as the sweat pours off of him, and thrusts Lex's head savagely into his crotch over and over! When he's finally done, Lex is out cold and you may need to grab a clean pair of shorts! WOW!!!
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