MMB: Elder Parker & Bishop Angus

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DescriptionElder Parker & Bishop Angus: ORDINATION PART 2
Release Date: Jan 21, 2015

Elder Parker and Bishop Angus are in a sacred and fairly secret room in the temple, where they have now stripped naked, made out, and played with each others’ dicks. Elder Parker is a very affectionate boy, and as he and the older man kiss, he keeps his eyes closed and his face near the bishops. He’s flushed and excited, and every inch of him tingles. He wants, more than anything, to give himself to the bishop. To surrender completely, and feel the bishop’s meaty cock deep in his ass. The very thought makes his butthole pucker.

The bishop has him on his back on the couch. He lifts the kids legs up and pushes them back, making his hole available. Elder Parker tilts his hips up, thirsty for the man’s cock. Bishop Angus rubs the fat, red head of his cock against the boy’s hairy hole, pushing it gently against the opening. Elder Parker is a little scared that having a dick in him will hurt, but the fear is nothing compared to his desire to get fucked. As the bishop pushes slightly harder, he closes his eyes and moans. He’s determined not to complain or to stop the man. He trusts the bishop to make him feel good and to show him how to get fucked.

Bishop Angus can tell the boy is ready, so he slowly and steadily pushes his cock into the boy’s ass. As he feels the hole give and accept him, he watches the boy’s face, which clearly shows what ecstasy he’s in. His arms are thrown behind him, and the bishop is holding one leg up by the ankle. Elder Parker’s hole is tight, and he wasn’t sure how a cock could fit in there, but he was surprised to find it relaxing around the dick.

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