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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-28 |
Knut has just finished his evening lessons and is about to head off to bed when he hears an unexpected knock at the door. He is not expecting anyone, so who could it be? Cautiously he opens the door to see a handsome young blond boy. “Is this Fightplace?” ask the blond who introduces himself as Scotty. Knut is a bit shocked but invites him in anyway.. Knut, who was quite surprised, took a close look at this newcomer, who, by the way, had introduced himself as Scotty. He asks Scotty to come in, and begins to answer his questions. Scotty had brought his sports kits, hoping to get into the ring then and there. He's burning to fight Knut. Knut challenges him to some test rounds, seeing how Scotty can't hold his big mouth, bragging about how Knut has no chance against him. So, they step into the ring, and a very intense and fast-paced fight ensues. After a few rounds, Scotty suffers a minor wound to his head. While he cleans up the blood, Knut takes a shower, to cool himself down a little. After this brief break, the two hotheads return to the ring, hoping to prove their superiority over each other. But the second session turns out quite a bit calmer, with long-lasting holds and stances, as both fighters realised the importance of conserving one's power. You are guaranteed to like Scotty, who appears for the first time on Fightplace. But Knut has quite some great moments too, being far less submissive than usual.
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