Amateurs do it - retro-punk-meets-modern-techno

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DescriptionChristian is a 22 year old versatile gay guy with pink and purple multi-coloured hair that gives him an edgy retro-punk-meets-modern-techno look. He has come in to be caught on cam doing his favourite thing to do. He thought this would be a fun and new experience and he is always up for something like that.

Christian heads straight up for the attic. Once there, he sets the mood as he begins to put his hands all over his body while still fully clothed. One of his hands move all over his chest and tummy while the other goes to work lower… His hand starts grabbing his crotch, groping and massaging it and putting himself further in the mood for some more naughty action…

He takes his shirt off, revealing a lean body. He delights himself with the sensation of his hands running all over his bare skin. Later, he pulls down his pants and starts playing with the bulge underneath his briefs, which has now grown even more. He is now overcome with complete lust and he now feels a compulsion to take off the last piece of clothing from his body.

Christian now gets completely, totally naked. His uncut, thick cock is fully erect and primed for action. He takes It in his hand and begins wanking off, stroking up and down the shaft. He takes his time, jacking off while seductively sighing and giving off an expression of sheer lustful pleasure that seems to tempt and invite… After a seemingly long and unbearably pleasurable time, he starts jacking off faster and faster, harder and harder. He now wants to come as hard as he possibly can… Breathing heavily, he lets it all out in a final burst of ecstasy; shooting a huge load of hot, creamy cum!
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