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Eurocreme - Beachboy

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Description"Brighton rocks... and so do the boys! But blond Aussie surfer BeachBoy Jamie Summers needs some sun. A flash of inspiration takes him to the hot beaches of Ibiza, where he bumps into Alex and his gang of bronzed and horny stud muffins. Jamie gets his fill of jism in a blizzard of boysex under the blue Balearic sky. But Alex has become more than just a fuck buddy, and his holiday is coming to an end.

Blonde bomb-shell Jamie reminisces about his time at an Ibizan hotel, waxing eloquent about sex on the beach. The bellboy (Peter Jan) can't say "at your service" soon enough before Jamie is busy tipping him with an enthusiastic blowjob. The bellboy is more than happy to return the favor, taking the Australian's thick meat pole in a well-honed deep throat. The two sixty-nine and neither the bellboy nor Jamie can get enough of each other's cock and balls, sucking each other like scuba divers struggling for air. Jamie thanks the host for his kindness by sucking him off to completion, happily draining the bellboy's ball sack. Jamie shoots over the twink's creamy face and leaves him to clean up the mess.

On a trip to England, Jamie checks out Brighton, where he's heard there's a beach. He gets a job from a cute young bar manager, Darian Hawke, who takes a liking to him. On his first day, Jamie watches another barman (Reece Richards) follow a customer (Holdin Goldin) - an extremely skinny kid with glasses - into the bathroom. In seconds, the red-haired kid is sucking on the barman's fat cock, working the foreskin like clothes in a washing machine.

The barman brings in Jamie for a threesome, giving our blonde hero a taste of the action. They tag team their prize, but it isn't long before the rebel barman is on Jamie's cock and shooting streams of English chowder on to Jamie's taut chest. Then the redhead proves himself, working his own cock hard and drenching Jamie in a river of cum. Jamie throws his seed in the mix and it runs off his tight belly onto the bar. Unfortunately, the bar has a live web feed, and Jamie, along with Darian, is fired.

Jamie wants to teach Darian how to surf, so the two boys head to a local surf shop. The boards are as big as the boys and Darian and Jamie have the manager (Zack Jones) of the surf shop and his assistant (Shaun Phillips) feasting on their fat bangers before they can flip sign to closed. Long-dicked Darian gets deep-throated from the sandy blonde assistant while Jamie takes on the sweet cock of his buddy. After some vigorous face-fucking by Jamie, the surf shop manager gives up his tight ass. Across the room, rib-thin Darian is lowering himself onto the assistant's rock-hard board. The party escalates into a foursome, a daisy chain of twinks grunting and moaning. Jamie and Darian switch partners and work their two new surf buds into a glorious climax of cum.

Of course, even a vigorous fuck session like that isn't enough for testosterone-fueled Jamie. He takes a night stroll and catches the manager from the surf shop cruising in a dark section of the pier with a friend (Ben Hunter). After some kissing and jerking, the boys get back into action, passing Jamie's cock around like a loose joint. Jamie doesn't mind a bit and is happy to return the favor. He rubs his ass in the sand as Darian's deep-throater takes turns with him and his friend. Of course, Jamie's new boy-whore wants to get fucked more than anything else and he works the blonde beach bum with his expert ass; all Jamie has to do is lie back and enjoy the ride.

Despite his fun in Brighton, Jamie yearns for the feel of hot sun on his cock. He hooks up with a good dj and follows him to Ibiza. Strolling a sparsely populated section of dune, Jamie comes across a cute brunette (Samuel Neuchatel) giving aggressive head to Alex (Alex Halewood) a foreskin-blessed twink with a mohawk. With a wink and grin, Jamie is in, writhing in ecstasy as his mohawked mate sucks him off while fucking the his tan friend's hole. The three boys climax in frothy waves of cum.

Alex is on holiday in Ibiza and introduces Jamie to his collection of hot and horny mates. The boys can't get enough of Jamie's monster cock and a brief poolside pairing (Connor Axon) is hardly enough to satisfy any of them. The four boys suck in the sun and fuck in the bum in a rapid-fire selection of locales in an unbelievable porn montage, dumping load after load onto the beach, the pool deck and the picturesque hillsides of Ibiza. Of course, after all that sampling Jamie decides he'd like to investigate a little deeper.

Jamie takes a liking to one of the boys, a tan and trim Ibizan (Alistair Hill) with a nice piece of man-meat. The two waste no time getting down and dirty in the scrub-brush, holding a hot sixty-nine that's only outdone by the inventive Ibizan's use of a popsicle. He alternates between sucking down Jamie's steaming trade and the icy coconut popsicle then cools down the blonde for some hot rimming. Jamie can't get enough of the kid's tongue in his ass and after some prying fingers enter, it's open house. Jamie straddles the lad and rides his johnson while jerking his own massive tool, almost too sensitive to touch. He spreads his ass wide and lets his long-limbed buddy fuck him till he cums, shooting another of his prodigious loads. The Ibizan takes his cock out of Jamie's ass moments later, bursting rivulets of creamy white boy-juice.

Jamie is having so much fun with his new friends that he forgets that his favorite, Alex, is only there on holiday. As a goodbye, he joins the neo-punk in another sex-filled threesome. The lucky object of their affections is a horny brunette (Angelo Rzenno) whose legs rise with the tide. Jamie's deep inside this wonderboy, who doesn't let his busy ass stop him from sucking Alex dry. Jamie gets so worked up that he shoots his wad across the boys head and over his chest.

With Alex gone, Jamie ponders whether there's not more to life than the beach. He stops along the surf to watch the sunset on his wonderful but brief relationship. Gorgeous shots of the Mediterranean at dusk signal the beach vacation is over, but not before one last surprise - Alex is back!"

MODELS: Jamie Summers, Alistair Hill, Connor Axon, Holden Goldin, Angelo Rzenno, Samuel Nechatel, Peter Jan, Billy Daniels, Alex Haylewood, Alex Hamilton, Reece Richards, Shaun Phillips, Zack Jones, Ben Hunter, Darian Hawke
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