[IS] Solomon 2

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“Last week I received a call from Solomon, who is back in
Honolulu working for a construction company for a few weeks.
Now 20 years old, this uncut horse-hung Hawaiian/Latino is still the
same laid back local boy from Kauai I met one year before.
He mentioned to me that he enjoyed jerking his 10+ inches for my
cameras and wanted to do it again. Solomon arrived early one morning
in his work clothes (dark denim jeans and boots) before he had to
report to the job site.

He still has a full bush of thick dark dick and ball sack hair that
he has not trimmed or cut in the past year! A typical Hawaiian,
Solomon has a completely smooth upper body and only grows hair on
this legs, crotch and in that private space between his thighs and
asshole. He has a very hairy hole!

Solomon is completely comfortable working naked outdoors in our Naked
Worker Series. Wearing ONLY his heavy tool belt and construction
boots, he gets right to work sanding a table - his power tool balls
out in the sun! “It is more relaxing to work this way”, he states
with a smile with I comment on his naked ass popping out of his tool
belt. He is so relaxed he even whistles! We get a great view of his
bitable boy tits and hairy armpits while he works.

Like his Hawaiian brother Kewelo, Solomon looks handsome with a
scruffy goatee on his a smooth baby boy face, but Solomon really
shines when he removes his tool belt and starts to masturbate!
An exhibitionist like Craig and Darren, Solomon enjoys being watched
by the camera and often looks directly at us when he jerks his
massive stick. He bites his lips in pleasure as he strokes it and
plays with the thick foreskin! His tight boy body is often dwarfed by
the giant hammer swinging between his legs. Like Jesee and Brian,
Solomon has big heavy bouncing balls that slap around as he plays
with his big cock! Like surfer Reed, he unloads a full spray of sperm
all over the ground beneath his feet when he cums.

In his first shoot, Solomon was overjoyed to discover that his cock
was bigger than a ripe pineapple. Check out this new scene where he
compares his meaty uncut dick to a bunch of bananas!
This uncut Hawaiian Island Stud has an very impressive Island cock!”

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