Casey Montoe - Jesse Santana & Diesel Washington

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DescriptionThis is final scene from Gettin Levi's Johnson; a parody of Alaskan hunk Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin's almost son-in-law, and his misstep into the world of nude modeling.
The Playdude shoot is over, and the crew disperses, except for Diesel Washington and Jesse Santana. Levi is already naked and an easy mark. He shows off his nice butt, and Jesse shows his. "There's Levi's Johnson," he observes. Jesse goes down on the now willing Levi and strokes himself as he does so. Diesel jacks himself off watching their action. Diesel's shirt comes off revealing his massive build, so Levi has a go on his huge dick, while Jesse continues on Levi's. It looks like Diesel has his eyes on Levi's ass. Jesse now works on both of their dicks, greedily stuffing both in his mouth a once.  Levi then kneels down so that both he and Jesse can suck on Diesel at one time, passing his huge cock back and forth for a long go 'round. Next Diesel gets both the guys to kneel butt-out on a raised massage table, so that he can go back and forth to eat both their asses at the same time, first Jesse's and then Levi's, "Ok boys, on your backs," orders Diesel. He then sucks both their cocks, back and forth. Cut to Jesse fucking Levi on his side. Diesel joins the fun and fucks Jesse at the same time, making him the lucky dude in the middle. Diesel slams his cock into Jesse which in turn shoves Jesse's cock into Levi all the harder. Next Levi fucks Jesse on his back as Diesel jacks him off. Then Diesel takes over the fucking, pounding the hell out of Jesse as Levi jacks him off. Next, it's Levi's turn to get fucked by Diesel, with Jesse feeding his cock to Levi at the same time. Finally, they all jack off. Jesse cums over Levi from above, Diesel spews cum on Levi's chest and Levi shoots his exceptional load on himself.
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