[Pacific Sun] Taggers

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This video is "Taggers" from Pacific Sun and legendary director Phil St. John.  It stars 17 big-dicked California boys including Jason Sizemore and Cameron Fox in hard and heavy action and was the video that introduced Bobby Brennan to the porn world.  I've included the DVD extras "Phil St. John's Naked Porn Star Interviews" and the hardcore trailer and interviews for "Getting It At The Rave" at the end of the file.  As you can see from the screencaps, the quality of this coversion is excellent.  Enjoy!  :)  Seed bonus appreciated!

Video: Taggers
Codec: DivX
Resolution: 720x480 (full DVD resolution)
Studio: Pacific Sun
Director: Phil St. John
Year: 2004
Length: 123 minutes
Cast: Cameron Fox, Anthony Holloway, Brandon Webber, Bastien, Jason Sizemore, Tim Tyler, Bobby Brennan, Cameron Sage, Lexx Parker, Bobby Golden, Court Logan, Sean West, Ed Starck, Bobby Benson, Gura, Paco, Scott Walker

Director Phil St. John's "Taggers" concerns the initiation rites of a group of spray-painting dudes. Don't worry, they aren't menacing. They don't scrawl anything dirtier than their tagger names on walls that already look slated for demolition. They may look like ruffians that would have old ladies walking on the other side of the street, but underneath the floppy clothing, they are able talented performers. Mr. St. John, always with an eye to the luscious youthful types, has assembled a wowing cast for this funky little flick.
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