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The first of All World's sweeping "Seven Deadly Sins" series was released in 2001 ("Pride") and the last in 2004 ("Wrath"). In between, including the award-winning "Gluttony," were a series of very interesting films, each inspired by a specific sin and each handled by a unique big-time director. Therefore, it's only fitting to end the series with the Biblical battle to the sins: redemption. The film is actually quite simple. Instead of plotting, there are merely seven scenes, one from each film, made at the time of the film. It's a comfort to revisit the series (that's the point of redemption, right?) and see some porn stars who have left the business and moved on. The gang on display represents stellar talents, some of them missed, some of them thankfully still active, though many of the latter look a whole lot different at the time of the release of "Redemption" than they did when their scenes were shot!

"Pride" [Dirk Yates]: The enormously muscled Duke Miller spends "Pride" strutting and posing his bodybuilder self and ends up with leather-clad Chris Steele for this scene. "You call that a big dick? I'm fucking you!" Chris howls at a suddenly surprised Duke, pushing him down to the bed for a rimjob of his muscular ass. Chris blows Duke effortlessly, his own truly big dick very hard. Fucking Duke turns out to be no problem for ace Chris, and sweaty Duke begs for more of the talent-drenched anal pounding. There's lesson No. 1 learned!

"Lust" [Michael Zen]: I would suspect "Lust" to have been the most plot-ready sin for a porn flick, in which glorious super-stud Blake Harper is obsessed by a painting of Jason Branch and by basically selling his soul, gets it. For "Redemption," Blake and his inamorata finally meet each other. Blake gives one of his sexiest wowing blowjobs to Jason's mammoth cock, inhaling it with unmatched skill. Jason does a wet very good job on Blake as well and Blake is the first top. With Jason flat on the floor, Blake squeezes into him and dominates with a series of surprising gyrations. Jason goes next, taking one of porn's all-time best bottoms with style briefly before they both cum.

"Envy" [Dan Cross]: "Envy" is a tale of a man who gives up everything to be young again. Jason Hawke is the younger version of the character (played originally by Paul Carrigan) who finally gets the man of his dreams in perky twink Ryan Scott. Jason, muscular and cut, fucks a rather gleeful Ryan handily for a nice amount of time. Jason is good in every position until both let the juice fly. The surprise ending is a good plot twist.

"Greed" [Chi Chi LaRue]: Tommy Lord is the star of "Greed," a man who knows no sexual bounds when he finds a phone leading to all sorts of sex. The redemptive scene here is one of revenge on Aaron Parker, who set up Tommy in the first place. It starts with tattooed leather man Eli Horst playing with taped-up Aaron, delighting in the possibilities of his beautiful hairy ass. He gives it a forceful rimming and animalistic fingering. Aaron gives Eli an eager blowjob and then gets fucked by the hairy he-man. Eli has a twitchy cum-shot, leaving the scene to be replaced by smooth ultra-handsome Tommy and amazingly chiseled black Robert Collins. Aaron's lust for Robert's cock is genius, his deep-throat of it quite an accomplishment. As Aaron continues on Robert, Robert smoothly sucks Tommy. In a position only Chi Chi LaRue could dream up (thankfully), Robert is able to rim both men simultaneously. Tommy fucks Aaron strongly and then Robert hits him with crushing strength.

"Sloth" [Thor Stephans]: The tale of "Sloth" was a murky one of a lazy man (the wonderful Steve Cassidy) whose dreams are really some sort of feverish fantasy that never lets him go. The narration says that there is no redemption for this sin, but it does give the magnificently buff hairy Steve a chance to effortlessly rattle off another scene, this time a four-way. Filmed only with the slightest light, the four stars suck each other in a slow greedy manner. Kingly Chad Johnson lords over the scene, but also participates, doing a particularly fine job on J.J. as Steve takes on Andrew. If ever an ass deserved to be eaten, it's Steve's, and Andrew does just that, followed by a punishing fingering, which Steve then returns. Everyone sucks and is sucked and then Chad fucks Steve forcefully while J.J. does Andrew. Suddenly the scene is full of sound and fast pace, with both bottoms receiving grand fucks before everyone cums.

"Wrath" [Doug Jeffries]: If anyone deserves what's coming to them, it's the nasty bar boss man Kyle Lewis of "Wrath," who has seriously humiliated his employees. Good looking Damon Stavros and Chad Thomas make him beg for sex in this redemptive scene. Big time pro Kyle gobbles down both cocks beautifully. He then rims Chad with much might before getting plugged by Damon. Chad and Damon cum on a motorcycle, leaving Kyle to dot himself. Has he learned his lesson about anger? Only a sequel would tell.

"Gluttony" [Wash West]: Mr. West had a field day re-creating every decade of porn since the 1960s in his astounding "Gluttony," the Dorian Gray-like story of Eric Hanson's ride through the ages. Even the written intro to this scene smacks of the scrupulous attention to detail that runs through every frame of "Gluttony," telling of a final coda scene for the porn film within a film of "Gluttony" that has only recently been discovered. It's a grainy solo shot in the style of 60s loops. Drop-dead gorgeous forever, Eric is lined up against a brick wall while the camera dotes over his body and hardening dick. The camera techniques are faithful to the era and an unsuspecting viewer might think he stumbled onto a piece of history. Eric jacks himself off, but the focus is really Eric himself, as a chiseled beauty from head to toe. Even in black-and-white, Eric's eyes are as bright as ever.

It's understandable that the seven scenes here vary in quality. Some seem like afterthoughts while others are fully realized scenes every bit as potent as the ones used in the original films. I can't honestly say that all of them have that much to do with redemption itself (it's far easier to film sin than it is the opposite), but it's a genuine pleasure to see the final endings to these films. Making the series was an ambitious effort and "Redemption" is one way of combining all of those phenomenal talents under one umbrella for one last look at the devilish Seven Deadly Sins.

DVD features: Chapters; gallery; trailers ("The Paramedics," "8 Simple Rules for Doing My Son" and "Leather Muscle Studs"); and no regional coding (playable worldwide).
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