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Josh Rubens Superstud

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DescriptionCast:  Josh Rubens, Misha Vandam, Rivelli Pharelli, Marco DiLucca, James Connor, Mick Dylan

Director:  Rex King, Igor Lucas, James Connor

Country:  Great Britain

Length: 2 hr 7 min

Year: 2005-2008

Just over two years ago Dutch super hunk Josh Rubens burst onto the international porn circuit starring in the movies of FreshSX and had his break in his first article in MEN magazine. With the release of Josh Rubens: Super Stud enjoy some of his favorite scenes along with never before seen footage, photo shoots, behind the scenes and more. A true must have movie for all Rubens fans and if you don't know Josh yet then it is about time you did!

The fantasy scene from You Bet starts off with Josh and Misha making out on a silk laden bed, erotically licking each other's bodies in sensual harmony. Misha makes his way onto Josh's cock and soon after Josh positions his mouth around Misha's 10" monster. With a piece of meat like that he accepts the challenge and takes the whole thing deep down his throat. Misha flips Josh over and starts to open up his ass, licking inside his hole and fingering him. Josh loves big cocks but this one is going to be a challenge for even a seasoned professional. With Josh lying on his front, Misha starts to slide in his huge cock and Josh can start to feel its true size. Misha starts to pound deeper inside and Josh shows the real pleasure on his face. Josh flips over and Misha works his oversized cock shooting his load over Josh's six-pack and soon after Josh shoots his thick creamy load too.

This is a chance to get to see Josh's first ever solo shoot with FreshSX and has not previously been released. Josh starts in his sexy red Speedos teasing the camera with his boyish looks and cute ass. Stripping out of his swimwear he starts to play with his cock and as he gets harder plays with his nipple too. As the camera pans in on his ripped six-pack we get to watch him jack himself off before he can hold back no longer and shoots a delicious white load of cum all over his rock hard abs.

The final scene from You Bet starts off with Josh at home when his boyfriend Marco and pal Rivelli arrive. Realizing there is nothing to drink Marco goes off to the shops and Josh takes immediate advantage of the situation to come on to his boyfriend's friend. As they guys start to kiss and make out Rivelli opens his shirt and we see how incredibly fit this guy is with a chiseled hard six-pack. Stripping off, Josh makes a dive for Rivelli's huge cock and proceeds to deep throat the lad. Rock hard, Josh also wants some of the action and Rivelli's mouth and tongue are soon working their way all over Josh's sexy piece of meat. Flipping Rivelli over, Josh uses his tongue on Rivelli's ass, opening it up with his fingers. Josh sits on the couch and Rivelli sits down on top of him enjoying every last inch of Josh's dick. Rivelli moves down and Josh fucks him doggy style. Rivelli holds his body beautifully with his back bent down and ass high in the air so Josh can fuck him as hard as he can. As they move to the kitchen, still fucking of course, Marco returns with the shopping but before he has a chance to unpack they are stripping him out of his clothes.

As they lay Marco on the kitchen top Josh makes for his ass and Rivelli shoves his huge cock in his mouth. Flipping over Marco can now suck Rivelli and Josh rims his ass. Rivelli is first to fuck Marco with Josh playing with his ass. Next Josh fucks him as Rivelli feeds his cock in his mouth. Marco really wants more now and so he sits down on top of Rivelli and Josh then slides his cock in and they both double fuck Marco's ass. This is what Marco really wanted - to feel two cocks in his ass. As they move over to the glass floor Josh fucks Rivelli while Rivelli puts his cock in Marco. As we watch from the floor below through the glass the fucking heats up before they are all just too close to cum and they split into a circle. Rivelli is first to start to cum but within seconds Josh is cumming along with him, which we can see from this "under the floor" shot in perfect detail. Before both have finished Marco steps in and shoots his load as we get to see the huge gooey mess that has now fallen all over the glass floor. This is one of the hottest cum shots ever captured on film.

This solo shoot, which has never been seen before, has Josh dressed in army clothes. He starts by stripping out of his vest and touching over his masculine torso. Undoing his trousers he grabs his crotch and then strips out of his trousers revealing a pair of tight black briefs. Getting hard, he takes out his cock and starts to gently stroke it. As he continues working his cock harder he slips out of his briefs and stands up to show off his great body and sexy ass. Sitting back down he jacks himself off, getting harder and harder, until he shoots his cum all over himself.

This is Josh Rubens' first ever duo shoot which was shot with James Connor. Josh loves being bottom, especially if it is going to be with a huge cock so in this shoot he wasn't disappointed with James' nine inch piece of meat. They start off with James putting his already rock hard cock into Josh's tight ass. As Josh begins to get used to the size of it they stop for a while and Josh takes James' dick in his mouth, working his tongue up and down it. James moves onto Josh's cock and they move into 69. Josh rolls onto the bed and James uses his tongue on his ass now. With James lying down on the bed, Josh sits on top of him and can again feel the full length. Flipping over James fucks Josh harder. Both really close to cumming James pulls out, Josh sits back and starts to cum. Just a few seconds later James also cums until Josh is covered in the white stuff and both lads smile and kiss.

In this scene Josh is a personal trainer and his client is hot Mick Dylan. At Mick's home they start the session with Josh getting Mick to do some sit ups on a bench but it is clear Josh has more on his mind than just working out. He is clearly into making out! He lifts Mick's vest and holds his stomach as he does his crunches but soon Mick is hard and tries to hide it from Josh. Never missing a trick Josh is straight onto his cock. Josh starts to strip off as Mick makes his way onto his cock. They kiss passionately and Mick now also gets naked so that Josh can suck him off too and really appreciate Mick's massive ultra-thick cock. Josh bends over the workout bench offering his open ass to Mick's tongue. Having had a good rimming Mick slams his huge cock into Josh's tight hole. On the sofa Josh sits on top of Mick riding his cock like a pro before Mick lifts Josh up and slams him down on the workout bench and fucks him harder and deeper than ever. Josh hangs on as the two fuck like there is no tomorrow. Standing up, Mick pounds his ass one more time before they both slump into the couch. Mick works his cock and soon shoots a huge amount of white cum over his stomach and chest before Josh shoots his load too.
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