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Cooper of SMen

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Cooper is a Scuba Instructor and with a name like that, you just know this straight guy deserves the honor and privilege of getting seduced in his sleep! I met him awhile back and I’ve helped him out with filming and photo shoots for his scuba diving school.

We had recently filmed some new material and it had been a particularly exhausting day, so I invited him over for some dinner and drinks. Being the laid back guy that he was, he had no problem knocking back a handful of cold ones. It soon got late, and he also lived a while away; so I invited him to crash on my spare bed for the night.

Very soon, this hot jock was passed out and oblivious to anything happening around him. I had all the time in the world, slowly loosening the buckle to his belt, and slowly working his shorts off of him. Even in his flaccid state, his manhood was impressive... My breath slowed, as he slowly responded to my gentle caressing.

I diverted my attention to his nipples, slowly pinching them. His shaft thickened and lengthened, twitching in response uncontrollably in response. It was now time. I tugged on his navy blues; and they finally revealed Cooper in his full glory; or so I thought. I could finally get my hands fully on this helpless stud.

I gently spread his legs apart and admired him slowly. His chiseled abs rose and fell so effortlessly... Gently I grasped his member... and steadily stroked it. Unbelievably, he continued growing even harder, with each passing moment! For a moment he stirs... and I give him a bit more time to fall back deep into his slumber...

I restart again and eventually, his breathing quickens... I sense pulsations come on intermittently and eventually the throbbing persistently grows more and more frequent... Then... Rope upon rope of glistening white ejaculate erupts from his tip; coating his washboard abs and shooting up all the way up to his neck!!! He holds his breath for a moment, then the spurts finally came to a close; before his breathing normalises. One can only admire this man's virility! I cup his jewels gently and give it a light squeeze, before covering him back up. This unsuspecting young lad would awaken the next morning thinking he'd had a wet dream and do another photo shoot with me not knowing any better. He'll be the source of some fun dreams for me too...

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