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MBZ - Elder Ricci - Atonement

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Description - The priesthood stretcher serves many purposes – to test a boy’s obedience, to show a boy how pleasurable anal penetration can be, and to open up a boy’s hole for the immediate use of the men of the priesthood.

Elder Ricci is attempting to get as far down the stretcher as he can. As the pegs get bigger and bigger, he struggles more and more to relax and open his hole wide.

He’s so anxious about his performance that he can’t look at the three men overseeing this ritual. He keeps his eyes focused on the next peg.

But as hard as his task is, he’s also taking a lot of pleasure in it, as is clear from his giant boner, which bobs as he goes up and down on the pegs.

Each time the knobs push against his young prostate, his huge throbbing boner steadily weeps more and more precum.

With the assistance of handsome Brother Johnson, Ricci is nearly able to take the second to last peg. But it’s just too big.

Too ashamed to look up, he whimpers, “I can’t.”

But Patriarch Smith knows that the boy’s hole is now ready for his cock, so he stands, unzips his pants and slips his fat cock and balls out of his dress slacks.

As he rubs the head of his cock on the boy’s slick hole, he looks Brother Daniels in the eye.

Of all the ways that The Order fosters brotherhood between its members, none is so powerful as sharing a boy’s hole.

That is why Patriarch Smith fucks Elder Ricci good and hard, but pulls out before he cums and passes the boy to Brother Daniels. As Daniels slides his stiff cock where Smith’s has just been, the bond of their brotherhood is strengthened.

Elder Ricci, bent over the priesthood stretcher, moans as the men trade off, enjoying the slight distinctions between their two large cocks.

The sight and sounds of this ritual are mesmerizing, if not intoxicating: three daddies one boy, their grunts and whimpers getting increasingly louder.

For two hours they continuously stroke his young prostate and get him very close to orgasm. But he doesn’t want to cum until the men have taken as much pleasure as they can from him.           

For more detail see screenshot. 

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