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[Raging Stallion] Fucked Up

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DescriptionJimmy Durano, Mathew Mason, Drake Jaden, Derek Parker, Trey Turner, Jessie Colter

Buffed and tattooed Jessie Colter, clad in a jock, armbands and boots, is all by himself in the sex club. He feels himself up and tugs on his cock until Jimmy Durano comes over to join him. Jessie licks around the harness and down his torso until he pulls open the jock to expose Jimmy's throbbing thick meat, working it with his mouth. Jimmy wraps his hot mouth round Jessie's large erection. These hot studs attract Drake Jaden, who quickly joins in and offers up his thick piece, which Jimmy gulps it up. Trey Turner joins the mix, sucking one stiff cock and stroking the other two, allowing his throat to be abused. Mathew Mason in his American porn debut makes it five, and he and Trey go down the line to sample each cock. Finally, Derek Parker arrives and all the studs want a piece of him. They huddle around him in a cock worshipping circle, stroking and jerking each other as they watch Derek getting groped and having his stiff staff sucked by all the guys. He is pierced, ripped, tattooed, bearded and hairy: just what all the guys were looking for. His long perfect cock deserves the attention, and they all give it to him.Three pairs of studs are lined up fucking. Derek Parker is on all fours taking Trey Turners cock in his stunning round ass. Drake Jaden is lying back letting Mathew Mason bury his treasure deep inside him. Jimmy Durano is pushing his cock deep into Jessie Colter's man hole. Each pair looks over at the next turned on by all the action and the hot partner they're fucking with. Watching Mathew's thick cock pound away, gives Trey the idea to flip Derek on his back and slam his meat in further. Jimmy slams loud moans and groans out of Jessie, and they all continue fucking until they're edging. Trey and Jessie want a cum shower. They get the rest of the jerking guys huddled around them anxiously awaiting each load. One after one, they all unload and Trey and Jessie have wads of cum covering them.

Derek Parker, Drake Jaden

The stocky, hairy stud, Drake Jaden always wants more cock, and excitable new Exclusive Derek Parker really gets into filling a welcome hole. His big, stiff cock is lodged in Drake's crack, rhythmically slamming away. Finding a way to dig deeper into Drake, Derek pushes Drake up on his shoulder blades and pile drives into the wide open hole. Watching Derek's puckered hole bounce up and down -while his cock drills down into Drake - is hypnotic. Derek's muscled legs flex so he can get as much leverage as possible -- this bearded,sculpted man is the type that superstars are made of, and he's soon on his back letting Drake ride his perfect cock, and then driving his hips up aggressively to deliver his meat into Drake's ass. Laying back and letting Derek further abuse his hole, sweat beads upon Drake's shaved head as he jerks a hot load out of his cock and Derek pulls out of his hole and follows suit jizzing onto Drake's belly.

Jimmy Durano, Drake Jaden, Mathew Mason

Hard-bodied Mathew Mason has his thick dick firmly planted in DrakeJaden's hot round ass, and Jimmy Durano's coke can cock is stretching Drake's mouth. Ripped studs Mathew and Jimmy can't get enough of the insatiable Drake. They use him as their fuck toy, and he is more than happy to have all his holes filled up. Bouncing and bobbing as the two aggressors deliver their stiff cocks relentlessly,Drake is in bottom heaven. Sitting his two tops down and riding them each reverse cowboy, Drake first sits on Jimmy's thick rod and jumps over to ride Mathew and then back on Jimmy again. Drake's hole is getting stretched every which way, and he is clearly in ecstasy. Just when you think he can't take any more, this power bottom lies back and lifts his leg on Jimmy's shoulder to take more pounding from theLatin stud. While Jimmy's slamming, Mathew's cramming more cock into Drake. Drake's hot hole has Jimmy so excited that he has to pull out and sprays showers of cum all over Drake's ripped hairy abs.Jimmy's excited orgasm sets off a chain reaction: Drake unloads andMathew shoots shortly after

Jessie Colter, Trey Turner

No kissing, no oral...just immediate down and dirty fucking. TreyTurner has his cock buried deep in Jessie Colter's fine ass, and he's giving it an intense pummelling. Agonizing screams of pleasure fill the air as Jesse takes a pounding from Trey's massive cock. After jamming and ramming relentlessly, Jessie asks Trey if he wants to sit on his cock. Trey eagerly agrees and Jessie flips over and Trey plants his hole on Jessie's stiff prick. This is a serious riding lesson as loudmoans and groans fill the air as Jessie slams his hips up and his cock jets deeply into Trey's willing and open hole. Trey jumps off and slides right into Jessie's hole once again. Legs in the air, Jessie asks for more and more as Trey hammers away at the primed hole, and jerks away at Jessie's cock until a hot load of cum blasts out. Trey pulls out and jerks a load onto Jessie's tongue, and Jessie is right on the cock sucking out every last drop.

Derek Parker, Spencer Reed

Beefy stud Derek Parker is ferociously kissing and licking SpencerReed. Slowly moving down Spencer's hairy torso, Derek makes his way to payload: Spencer's thick, veined, meaty cock. This is no average dick, it's a massive tool that bores its way down Derek's throat until he gags trying to engulf every inch. Derek is a willing recipient and he plays his role well, on his knees and giving Spencer's manhood his full attention. Derek, who's on his knees showing off his perfectly round ass, is clearly loving every second of his cock sucking performance. He wildly jerks his cock while swallowing Spencer's.The pup unleashes a huge load of spooge, and then eagerly awaits the load Spencer has built up...a creamy stream that jets out ontoDerek's face, and Spencer cleans off with his tongue.

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