♺ CMNM - Russell - Parts 1, 2, & 3

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-14 |
Part 1
Earnest young Russell enters Jimmy's office prepared to say and do whatever it takes to secure the job of assistant. Engaging in a bit of role playing sounds like the perfect test for him, but Jimmy seems intent on taking things too far engaging in some very intimate contact. As his clothes are shed and Jimmy strokes his sensitive penis he grows an uncontrollable erection.

Part 2
Jimmy gets deep into his role by insisting that his now naked applicant Russell offers up his arse for use. Russell must straddle the clothed detective who slides a finger straight up his tight bumhole. The nervous lad is fingerfucked while bouncing up and down on his future boss's lap with his hardening cock bobbing up and down. Having come this far and growing into such a heightened state of excitement Russell can't refuse any of Jimmy's demands.

Part 3
Jimmy gets stark naked Russell up on his table to get a good view of the sweet young applicant's arsehole which he's just been fingerfucking. He slides his big hairy digit in again making the boy wince and moan from getting so deeply penetrated. His balls and cock with its long foreskin hang between his legs and Jimmy can't resist reaching down to tug his cock and milk the helpless boy like a tamed beast. A great big pool of sticky semen ends up staining the detective's desk.
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