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DreamBoyBondage - Rex - Three Days of Pain - Complete Parts 1-9

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DescriptionPART 1
Rex Morrissey is an 18-year-old athlete convicted of an unknown crime. In exchange for “three days of pain” his 12-year sentence will be reduced to one. Still in clothes he was wearing when arrested, he is dragged to a basement room of the court house immediately after sentencing and stands before the man who will supervise his torture. The man explains exactly what will be done – whipping, electro-torture and crucifixion. Trembling in fear, too scared to fully understand what is happening, Rex signs away his rights. There is no turning back. The torture begins immediately. “Strip!” the man demands.

Teenage athlete Rex is literally bolted to a wall, naked. At 5’ 9” and 158 pounds, he is small but powerfully built, his body toned from years on the football field and wrestling mat. He will need all his strength to get through the next three days. “Please no,” he begs, frantically turning his head from side to side, when he sees the sparking, sputtering “violet wand” – a device that delivers electric current to the body upon contact. The first couple of jolts make him gasp. Then the wand is slowly dragged up and down his body, making him convulse in spasms of pain, his young muscles dancing in agony.

High school stud Rex was quite the ladies man, with his wrestler’s physique and boyish good looks. He was proud of his cock and how it could satisfy even older, experience women. Now it is about to get zapped with twice the electric current used earlier on his body. The man starts with a couple of quick zaps, then places the electric wand directly on Rex’s cock and leaves it there. The boy convulses, in so much pain he nearly passes out. When it’s finally over he’s given a few moments rest, then turned around to face the wall, his ass and back exposed. The whipping begins.

A few hours ago, 18-year-old Rex was sentenced to 12 years in prison.
Before he even knew what he was doing, he agreed to submit to ¡°three
days of pain¡± to reduce the sentence to just one year. He thought, ¡°How
bad could it be?¡± Now he knows: It¡¯s pure hell. His back and ass are being
mercilessly flogged with a special device specifically designed to inflict
massive pain without permanently damaging the skin. Call it the science
of pain. The whipping continues for hours. Then he is cut down, utterly
spent, and left naked on the floor of the cold, dark room, until morning,
when it all starts again.

After a fitful night alone and naked in his concrete cell, teenage prison Rex is brought to a new torture chamber. “Look at me!” the man demands as Rex eyes the instruments of pain that will be used on him. Rex shakes in fear as he’s forced onto his knees and prepared to be inverted. His lean, wrestler’s body looks fantastic hanging upside down, his fingers barely touching the ground. Then a steel pole wrapped in hard foam crashes into his abs. He will be beaten like this for the next two hours.

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