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Original upload: 2010-04-02 by unknown |

Hey guys, nitex today proudly presents one of the hottest pairs the gay porn industry has come up with in the last few years: Clyde Jones and Bobby Parker, two ultra-sexy and handsome alternative types without the slightest trace of the annoying �won�t-do-that� attitude that�s found among so many attractive young porn stars and that's ruined too many promising scenes. But now we have Clyde and Bobby on their mission to make up for all prior disentchantments.

This is arguably the best scene from ThreshHold Media�s 2007 film �Seed My Insides.� If you want to go for the whole flick, try http://tracker.gaytorrent.ru/details.php?id=68219

Watch as Clyde (nose piercing) and Bobby (no nose piercing) get it on in an exercise room. What follows is making out, sucking dick, playing with a vacuum pump and of course excessive bareback flipflop fucking that doesn�t stop before each of the boys has had a cum-dripping cock shoved back into their beautiful furry buttholes. Did I mention that our cuties don�t shy away from a little bit of snowballing? Well, here you are.

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