Dash decker vs Colt stevens

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Dash Decker vs Colt Stevens
This match introduces Colt Stevens as the newest rookie to join Rock Hard. Colt’s a blond hair, blue eye 19 year old who’s taking his shot in the modeling industry. He’s also an experienced MMA fighter who’s had success in the cage, and figures to know his way around the ring. The teenager must have got his dates mixed up this day, because he enters the studio thinking he’s there for a phot shoot, only to discover there’s no photographer there to greet him. Instead, he surprised to find the ‘chosen one’ Dash lurking around the ring. Dash is 6’1”, 220 lbs of muscle that looks like he was carved out of a slab of granite. He’s ripped to the max, and has destroyed every opponent that has stepped into the ring with him in racking up a 3-0 record to start his underground wrestling career. The ‘chosen one’ doesn’t take any shit from anybody, and isn’t amused by Colt’s misguided presence or his teenage, model looks. Colt climbs into the ring in gym gear and sunglasses, and calling out ‘is the photographer here’?’ Dash walks around the curtain wondering what the hell is going on. Colt asks him if he’s a model or the photographer, and Dash simply answers ‘no’. Dash climbs into the ring with his signature ‘S’ shirt on and approaches the model. Colt sizes him up and says ‘you’re kind of a big guy’ and Dash retorts ‘well, I’m kind of a big deal’. Colt starts retreating and Dash asks him if he’s scared before delivering a quick punch to his gut, then smacks his sunglasses off his face and smashes them with black boot. Colt is stunned and calls Dash an asshole, and he’s probably going to regret doing that! Dash catches him with another shot to the gut , flips him to the mat, then strips the blond model of his gym gear. Dash pulls him up, whips him across the ring into a clothesline, and while Colt is suffering on the mat peels of his skin tight t-shirt to reveal his incredible physique in skin tight red briefs. The chosen one starts tossing the smaller teenager around the ring, manhandling him. He makes Colt suffer in a camel clutch, a single leg boston crab which he transitions to a leg lock, then applies a headlock on the blond boy with his massive, muscular arm and messing with the model’s hair. Dash continues to have his way with Colt, bounding, stomping and kicking away at his body while he’s backed into the corner. He continues to dominate Colt, whipping him across the ring and then scooping him up as he bounces off the ropes, and drops him across his knee into an over the knee backbreaker. Dash doesn’t seem to want to waste much time beating this rookie so he seeks a submission as Colt is draped over his knee in pain. Colt won’t submit so Dash stretches him out some more, and tells the model he needs to work out as he slaps his abs in amusement. Colt endures the pain and mounts an attack by playing possum with the bigger bodybuilder and knocks him down with a drop kick to his gut. Dash is down on the mat, and the teenager uses that as an equalizer. He starts bashing away at Dash’s shredded abs, wanting to slow him down. He pulls Dash up, whips him across the ring, then plants both of his boots in the chosen one’s abs as he slings off the ropes. Colt may look young, be he shows that he has an array of holds he can use, including several MMA submission holds. The blond model continues to beat on the bodybuilder, stretching out his crotch then rolling him into a banana split that has Dash ass up with nowhere to go. Colt sends a few jabs into Dash’s hamstrings while they are exposed, and he’s attacking every part of Dash’s glorious physique. He maintains the momentum; choking Dash out over the top rope, cranking on an arm bar, then squashes the bodybuilder’s head between his thighs humiliating the massive bodybuilder. But, the teenage rookie slips up when he takes a moment to flex his own biceps in dominance, and it costs him dearly. Dash seizes the chance to gain back control, and begins to maul and crush the inexperienced newbie. Once Dash knows that he has Colt right where he wants him, he lifts the blond model by his throat up off the mat and squeezes nearly his last breath out of him while Colt’s body goes limp. Dash lets him fall to the mat, places his boot on his gut and flexes his mighty biceps before wiping the sweat from his abs, and asks ‘how’s that for a photo shoot bitch?’ to end round one.
Round two begins and as Colt lay on the floor gurgling and in a complete daze, Dash wonders out loud ‘shit, did I kill you?’ He slaps the rookie on his cheeks a few times to wake him up, wanting to continue his destruction of the pretty boy model. Colt gets to his feet and begins backing up, so Dash forces him into the corner and starts to stomp away on Colt’s chest. Each time Dash stomps, the blond model’s chest gets more red. Dash toys with him, dragging him to the center of the ring and applying another back bending camel clutch, asking this is the way it starts again, it this the way it’s going to finish?’. Colt struggles to say ‘no’, and doesn’t submit to the pain. Dash maintains the upper hand with a series of punishing holds that include stretching the teenager’s lithe body out on the mat with a bow and arrow hold. But again, Colt refuses to submit. He’s showing that his experience in the MMA cage has taught him how to endure pain and punishment. So when Dash decides he wants to show off his awesome, shredded abs packed into his skin tight speedo, he allows for Colt to make a move. Colt lunges toward the bi bodybuilder and is able to drive him down to the mat with a double leg takedown. He defiantly begins bashing away at Dash’s prized six pack, again attacking his abs. The teen blond suplexes the big bodybuilder to the mat, then lifts him by his ears, then flips him back down on the mat, applies a leg scissors and continues to pulverize Dash’s abs. Has the young blond MMA fighter found the secret to bringing down the herculean like Dash? Or can Dash rely on his superior strength and fantastic physique to crush another rookie and maintain his impressive winning streak? It’s a model surprise ending you don’t want to miss!
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