Men Only (1996) Falcon Jocks DVD

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DVD (folder) and mp4

director Lawrence David

Dax Kelly
Hawk McAllister
Kurt Young
Logon Reed
Marcello Reeves
Shane Thomas
Steve O'Donnell
Steve Sax
Adam Wilde, Jordan Young - Non-sexual role

At an all male resort, the hotel offers a service that no one can resist. Everything from a scorching scene at film's opening to a sadly tepid finale pops up in here. This is very mid-90s Jocks stuff, so don't expect the camerawork or set design to be all that. Cuz it ain't! But the cast is unquestionably a hot one (standouts include hubba-hubba Kurt Young and thick-dicked coverman Steve Sax and his nice sack) and the sex itself - while relatively vanilla - still smokes along in spots, notably the opening rough stuff.

1. Hawk McAllister, Kurt Young, Steve O'Donnell

2. Shane Thomas, Steve Sax

3. Marcello Reeves, Dax Kelly

4. Steve Sax, Logan Reed
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