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PapiThugz -- 113 clips

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DescriptionHere is a collection of 113 PapiThugz clips. They're all over the map as to file type, but they are all joined, which is awesome.

By the way, these pics are just some random pics from the site that I grabbed off the 'net, not necessarily what's in this batch of clips. They're just representative of the site, generally.

This is a big post, so it will take me a while to seed it, but hang in there -- I'll let it run until it is seeded.

Show me some love if you're so inclined!

File list:

PapiThugz_Black Label Fuk'n - Flamez & Ricardo Vaughn.mp4
PapiThugz_Big Dick Fuck'n - Mike Mann & Mysterio.wmv
PapiThugz_2 Big Dicks 2 Sweet Asses - Red, Mysterio, & Kris.wmv
PapiThugz_Python Takeover featuring Python, Rico, Lil Papi 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Python's Ass Obsession featuring Python, Wet 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_I Fucked Up- Now Get Your Clothes and Get The Fuck Out! featuring Phat Daddy, Cristobol 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Kitchen Encounter featuring Ace Rockwood, D-Low 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Fuck The Interview Let's Fuck featuring Ace Rockwood, M Donn 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_This Is How You Fuck featuring SlimThug 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Bangin' My Boyfriend's Best Buddy featuring Cristobol, Samson, Rico 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Red Shower featuring Python, M Donn 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Where's My Fluffer, featuring Phat Daddy, Alejandro 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Rico on Rico (and Vice-Versa) featuring Rico, Rico Gunz 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_I Want Him For Myself Get Out! featuring Phat Daddy, Vice, Mystery T 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Big Dick in Town Rico-Kris-RnB 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Rico Meets Cava Zeus featuring Rico 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Introducing Santino featuring Santino, Miguel 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Work Out Later Lets Fuck Now featuring Samson, Artist 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Rico & Suspect- Fukkin In The Dunes 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Terrorize It featuring Terror, Charger 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Rated R Returns featuring Rated R, Rico, Gusto 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Breakfast N Ass featuring Python, Trey Turner 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Nightstick Justice featuring Phat Daddy, Kannon, Dayton 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Ass On A Platter featuring Saint, Phat Daddy, Marco Cruise 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Double Dominican Blast featuring MAXIMO 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Fuck Lessons featuring Cornbread 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Charger's Choice featuring Rico, Slim, Charger 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Fucked by a Puerto Rican-Sicilian Straight Boy featuring Yeyo, Iraq 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Get That Ass Ready Yo featuring Izzy, Kannon 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_X Vega's Vers Fantasy featuring X Vega, Jovonnie, Paolo 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Arquez Fuck & Get Fucked featuring Phat Daddy, D-Low, Arquez 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Python Delivers the Dick featuring Python 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Low Hang'n Ass Bang'n Balls featuring Big Redd, Envy 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Stop Fucking Strangers featuring Cristobol, Vice 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Kannon Unleashed featuring Kannon, Citybwoy, June 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Daddy's Dick featuring Phat Daddy, Rated R, Suspect 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Kannon Gets Some Ass featuring Kannon, Iraq 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_FUKKIN IN DA CLUB 2009 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_D'Angelo's Fuck Apprenticeship featuring D'Angelo, Rico, D-Low 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Live Sex at Oasis 2011 featuring Phat Daddy, Sarge, Hot Rod, Ace Rockwood 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Versatile Stepbrothers featuring Rico, Cornbread 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Alexsander In Hollywood 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Ready to Fuck featuring Tony Serrano, Osian 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Officer Rush- Off-Duty Workout featuring Matthew Rush, Trey Turner 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Eat My Chocolate Dick featuring Chad X 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Fuck Me-Hurt Me featuring Phat Daddy-Papo 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Castro Supreme VS. PKTPUSSI 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Pool Party featuring Cornbread, Phat Daddy, Miguel Lee 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Back 2 Back Ass featuring Python, Envy, D-Low 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Power Fuckin featuring King Dingo, Power T 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Passion Fuck featuring Aarin Driver, Osian, Cornbread 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Fuckin Like Dogs in Heat featuring Aarin Driver, Rico 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Brazilian Hard Fuck Message featuring Aarin Driver 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Fresh Fuckin' Papi featuring Drake, June 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_The Bang Bros featuring Rico, Miguel Lee 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_JT Back on Scene featuring J.T. Osian 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_I'm Gonna Fuck You Just Like I Did In Puerto Rico featuring Marcus, Saint 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Moyea's Got The Good Shit featuring Moyea, Jovonnie, Alejandro 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Harlem Hook-Up featuring Python, Elmo Jackson 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Big Slim Dickin My Husband featuring Big Slim, Avatar, Steve O 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_All-Out Fukkin 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Ass Stretchin Workout featuring Osian 1.wmv
PapiThugz_Lex & Moyea Passion Hook-Up featuring LEX, Moyea 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Fuck & Leave featuring Jovonnie 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_I Need Some Ass Now featuring MAXIMO, Artist 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Ass Munch'n Workout featuring Mr. Elz, RnB 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_3 Card Monte featuring Lil Papi 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Officer Rush Bust n Nutt featuring Matthew Rush, Cornbread 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Valentine Paint Fuck 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_You Asked For It featuring SlimThug, Rico 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_BFF Best Friends Fuckin featuring King Dingo, Rico, Alejandro 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_King In My Dreams featuring King, Saint 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Monster Dick Surprise featuring Izzy, Miguel 1-2_SUPER HOT.mp4
PapiThugz_New Star Ant Nowa - antnowa-1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Massage Fuck Fantasy featuring Phat Daddy, D-Low 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_69's Got A New Daddy featuring Phat Daddy, 69 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Can't Stop Me Now featuring Osian, Roberto Diaz, Broadie Sinclair 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Nice Ass Pretty Feet featuring Python, Gusto 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Papithugz Exclusive Osian- On Lex 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Cum Over For Sum Dick featuring X Vega, Miguel Lee 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Westside Fucks D'Angelo featuring D'Angelo, Westside 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Fuck, Don't Talk! featuring Samson, Rabbit, Angel S 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Open Bar featuring CASTRO SUPREME, Tony Serrano, Osian 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Rich Santana Takes Miami 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Carlos_ Vamos a La Playa 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_I'm The Straight One! featuring Ant Nowa, Rico 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Lex Returns to Plow Ass featuring LEX, Rico 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Young Asses and Big Dicks 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_I'm 18 & Horny featuring Rico 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Angry Maximo Stretches Osian's Hole 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Blue Collar Hookup featuring Big Redd, Marco Cruise 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_The Gift- Jovonnie, Osian & CityBwoy 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Favian Gotti In New Fukkin Trio Vid featuring Favian Gotti 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Jovonnie Returns (Big Time) 1-3.mp4
PapiThugz_FLIP-FLOP FUCKFEST 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Victim - osian-ianrock-danger-1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Star Lex Returns 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_FUKKIN LIVE AT THE OASIS featuring Aarin Driver, Osian 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Santiago Returns to Seriously Drill Osian featuring Santiago, Osian 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_K.O. & New Discovery Adonis 1-3.mp4
PapiThugz_Horndogs Fuckin featuring Jovonnie, Miguel Lee 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Aarin Stretchin Ass featuring Aarin Driver 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_David-R On Location 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Afterwork Kinky-Ass Surprise featuring Aaron Ridge, Aarin Driver 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_Straight Talk 1-2.wmv
PapiThugz_2-ON-1 FUKKIN 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Incognito- I'm Fucking A Guy But I'm Still Straight featuring Mr. Elz, Nuvo 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Southern Dick featuring Slim, Lil Papi 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Smokin', Drinkin', & Versin' featuring Kris, June 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Lexclusive featuring LEX, Phat Daddy, Miguel Lee 1-2.mp4
PapiThugz_Officer Rush Off-Duty Fuck featuring Matthew Rush, Randy Star 1-2.mp4

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