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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-09-05 |

This is a collection of nearly 100 AVI clips featuring an assortment of young fellows, mostly Russian, a few Canadians, who are performing scenes in which they treat a male "worshipper" disdainfully, humiliate him, and penetrate him orally and anally.  All the featured "tops" appear to be men who ordinarily prefer women to men, are amateurish, ordinary "street" fellows; in many scenes they appear to be slightly intoxicated.

The films were shot by a Russian filmmaker who may be heard in many of the films (and seen in a few of them) offering directions; almost all the dialogue is in Russian.  The films contain those acts and fetishes which are of interest to the filmmaker, and include raunchiness (spitting, sock, foot, and footwear sniffing and licking, piss, smoking) some very mild bondage.

These captured videos are (with one exception) AVI files encoded DX50, 15 fps.  Most are 300x240; a few are 300x200 or 320x256.  Here and there, the sound is slightly out of synch.  Also included is a single .RM file which appears to be a "trailer" for a full encounter not in this collection between the model known as "Gunnar" and an unnamed bottom.

The Web sites on which these films were offered is still on-line at the time of the torrent's original upload (September, 2013):  punkboys.com, gaypiss.net and tuffguy.net; however, it is unclear that there have been any recent updates or changes to these sites since about 2008.

(If you don't wish to download the entire collection, the files in which Gunnar appears are the favorites of the uploader of this torrent.)
Please Note:  this is NOT the same collection as is found in the torrent
entitled "Punkboys.com - Collection."  There is no watermark across the captures in this collection.
A search of "punkboys.com" will reveal one Gunnar film which is not included in this collection.
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Miko001.avi 112.13 MB
Kostja004.avi 109.01 MB
Matt001.avi 108.26 MB
Gunnar-2-002.avi 108.13 MB
Gunnar-1-002.avi 107.23 MB
Polo002.avi 104.16 MB
Gunnar-1-001.avi 102.96 MB
Gunnar-1-003.avi 96.84 MB
Dima004.avi 93.95 MB
Andres001.avi 89.81 MB
Maxim001.avi 88.40 MB
Sergei.avi 88.07 MB
Andres003.avi 87.17 MB
Polo001.avi 86.10 MB
Gunnar-4-001.avi 85.69 MB
Jura001.avi 85.10 MB
Dima003.avi 84.86 MB
Karl001.avi 83.18 MB
Kostja003.avi 82.24 MB
Colin001.avi 80.89 MB
Polo003.avi 80.87 MB
Ruslan.avi 80.08 MB
Andres002.avi 79.47 MB
Gunnar-3-001.avi 78.49 MB
Karl002.avi 78.33 MB
ViktorA001.avi 77.82 MB
Ivan001.avi 76.09 MB
Janus001.avi 75.08 MB
Gunnar-2-001.avi 74.33 MB
Kostja002.avi 73.71 MB
Igor002.avi 72.94 MB
Alex003.avi 72.73 MB
Alex001.avi 72.69 MB
Sven.avi 72.02 MB
Kostja001.avi 71.38 MB
Maksim002.avi 70.89 MB
Igor001.avi 70.70 MB
Maxim002.avi 70.37 MB
Vassili001.avi 69.34 MB
Maksim001.avi 69.04 MB
Vladimir.avi 68.93 MB
Polo004.avi 68.67 MB
SanjaA_002.avi 68.29 MB
Jura002.avi 67.76 MB
Kostja006.avi 67.36 MB
Boris001.avi 66.75 MB
MaxB001.avi 65.58 MB
Ljosha001.avi 65.52 MB
Vassili002.avi 65.12 MB
Gunnar-4-002.avi 65.11 MB
Alex002.avi 65.05 MB
RomanA_02_01.avi 64.08 MB
RomanA_01_01.avi 63.70 MB
SanjaA_001.avi 63.60 MB
Dima005.avi 63.56 MB
Andres004.avi 63.48 MB
Gunnar-3-002.avi 63.46 MB
ViktorA002.avi 62.70 MB
Maksim003.avi 62.14 MB
Vova002.avi 60.99 MB
SanjaB_001.avi 58.92 MB
Max002.avi 58.82 MB
Mark001.avi 58.19 MB
Boris002.avi 58.16 MB
Jury001.avi 57.79 MB
Ljosh002.avi 55.83 MB
Dima001.avi 55.52 MB
ViktorB002.avi 55.44 MB
Wes.avi 54.44 MB
Oleg.avi 53.76 MB
Dima002.avi 52.33 MB
Vova001.avi 52.12 MB
Vova003.avi 52.00 MB
RomaKolja.avi 51.47 MB
Jury002.avi 50.69 MB
Kostja005.avi 50.68 MB
ViktorB001.avi 50.43 MB
SanjaB_002.avi 48.91 MB
Vova004.avi 48.06 MB
Janek001.avi 48.03 MB
Ljosh001.avi 47.94 MB
Mitch001.avi 46.83 MB
SanjaA_003.avi 46.36 MB
Max001.avi 45.85 MB
ViktorA003.avi 45.01 MB
John001.avi 44.82 MB
RomanA_02_02.avi 43.07 MB
Kostja007.avi 42.10 MB
Boris003.avi 39.23 MB
Jeff001.avi 38.93 MB
Johnny.avi 38.63 MB
RomanB_001.avi 36.39 MB
Frenchy001.avi 35.69 MB
Janus002.avi 33.64 MB
Terence.avi 28.75 MB
RomanB_002.avi 24.60 MB
Frenchy002.avi 24.19 MB
Rob.avi 22.97 MB
Gunnar-tuffguy-net-promo.rm 3.23 MB

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