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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-12-17 |

This has been done before, but not everywhere. 

Someone requested it and when I went to download it the back end of the links were corrupt.  Luckily I had the DVD burn so I had to rip my own rip, so to speak.

It originally was one that I and a dear friend had bought from My Gay Aution - an Ebay for Gay porn - and we were going to keep it to ourselves and our little group.

But alas, all Gay classics are a part of our heritage (perhaps the only real video history we have) thus they do not belong to anyone but to the world.

Do not be too dismayed when you see how much Leo Ford has aged.
We all get older (beats the alternative!) and he still looks good.

I love the opening theme and have burned it to CD.
The background scenery looks like a painting, but it is real!
I have never been to New Zealand, but from what I understand and have been told, it is even more gorgeous in person.

Maybe someday...(*SIGH!*)

If you would like a little preview, you may view the one I made, streamed from my own site, here:

Info below, details in the NFO file (for the techies!).



New Zealand Undercovers [Marathon Films-Big Show Video]




Shot on location in New Zealand, Jim Bentley is a government agent trying to retrieve stolen film from Russians Tim Kramer and Leo Ford.

Stars: Christian Dreesen, Ian Griggs, Ian Thompson, Jim Bentley, Karl Robertson, Kris Williams, Leo Ford, Nicholas Rhodes, Paul young, Roger James, Tim Kramer, Toby Steiner, Vulcan Lain, Gerogina Beyer (nonsexual)

Director: Roger Earl

Released: 1987


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