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Axl, Bric, Chaz & Kaden

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Kaden and Bric are of course at their best and Chaz is even able to get Bric all fired up in ways we’ve never seen him. Kaden serves as the anchor and the one who Axl seems to gravitate toward the most, but he still gets (and gives) plenty of attention from the others. All-and-all this is one hell of a first go for our man Axl and a fun time for all. It’s also a much longer scene than usual clocking in at over an HOUR LONG. That gives us plenty of time to complete our mission of properly putting Axl through his Active Duty basic training. I’m sure it’s a training mission he or us won’t soon forget....Axl snuggles up next to Kaden closer, kissing and licking his neck while Chaz finds his way to Bric's cock and Bric finds Chaz's asshole and begins to finger it slowly. Axl and Kaden are having a moment of cuddle time as Chaz reaches over and starts fingering Axl's hole. Axl grunts a little as he adjusts to the feeling of Chaz's finger and Bric helps out by spreading Axl's cheeks apart. Bric notices the pink ring and makes mention of it and I get a nice close up of it for us all to enjoy. It is an amazing tight, pink hole that is so inviting. The kisses continue between Axl and Kaden while Bric and Chaz play with his asshole. Chaz manages to stick his middle finger in the sweet spot as he loosens the nice hole up.

Meanwhile Chaz is working Bric's uncut meat with his mouth while he works Axl's ass with his finger and Bric works his ass with his finger, too. Axl finds his way back to Kaden's cock as Kaden fucks his face. Then they switch and Kaden sucks him a little more. All of this is going on while Bric makes his first insertion into Chaz's ass which hasn't had a cock in it for quite some time. Chaz grunts and moans until it's in and Bric starts pounding him deep.

All of this and there's still 30 minutes more to go. By the time it's over, everyone has gotten fucked and gotten to fuck someone else and Axl is a bonafide member of the Active Duty family.
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