FraternityX Collection (FX140A-FX160B)

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Collection of 41 videos from the people that bring you FraternityX and SketchySex.

For those unfamiliar with the basic premis of FratX and SketchySex, just think of any 'college hazing' videos you may have seen in the past, and then put that mental image on steroids! These are high quality, action packed full scenes.

For a start, pretty much all the guys in these videos are hot hot hot! And while in the back of your mind you do know that these videos are ultimately being 'produced' and that a large frat group hasn't turned their frat house into a large hot twink pledge orgy mess, you could almost be convinced that they had. The quality of model they use in their vids is top notch ... these guys are BELIEVABLE straight guys. I'm guessing that a lot of them are actually straight, but follow the edict of 'any hole is a goal'. Of course, however, the bottoms you see (the pledges) are likely the gay ones.

OK, enough 'reality' for now, I don;'t want to ruin the fun. In summary, this is 41 high quality full scene clips of how some very special 'frat' brothers love to teach those new pledges the rules of their sordid little heaven.
2020-08-01 01:03:49
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