Skyy Riders – Gabriel Clark, Darenger McCarthy & Ace Quin

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After taking Gabriel Clark's ATV for a spin with Ace Quinn, Darenger McCarthy realizes that Ace may have enjoyed his outdoor test too much. With his huge erection clearly visible through his trousers, Ace happily drops to his knees in the middle of the forest to serve his two friends.
The gigantic, muscular man, Darenger, quickly turns his attention to Ace's blistered ass and with Gabriel's help, fills the bottom with boners at both ends. Now lying on top of the ATV with his legs spread wide, Ace moans with pleasure as these two dangling buds take turns in his hole and coating his naked body with their seed.
After Ace blows his own load, the bottom of his muscle covered in cum and his two naked buds ride off satisfied into the sunset on their ATV fuck machine.
2021-11-19 15:17:00
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