Military Classified - Martinez 2 - Civilian - Anal

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Martinez has become a new favorite on the website and I've managed to bring back this Latino straight stud so he can show off his fucking skills. So today, Rob has convinced Martinez, with a little financial incentive, to let Rob take a ride on that uncut 7 inches that I'm sure fit nicely inside Rob's ass! Watch as Rob takes this boy on a ride and his orgasm... one of the most unique I've heard in a while! Check it out!
Martinez hails from South America and I love Latinos from everywhere from Venezuela is probably my new favorite thanks to this guy! Now a US citizen, he has taken on the American lifestyle and adapted very well. When we met online I was offering my "friendly interaction" video work and he thought the money was just what he needed and decided that crossing that line was worth it! Fast forward today!
Before we got cameras rolling, there was a lot of interesting exchanges that came from this straight guy, asking questions about almost everything but nervous that he was about to cross a line he's not use to crossing. I made it easy for him and took the lead at about every crossroad. I began by massaging his cock through his clothes and as nervous as Martinez was, he showed it full force by glaring at the TV while I began to suck his cock.
The sucking quickly turned over to the fucking and before long I was mounting Martinez side saddle and the looks he was giving me were incredibly hot.. but I had my back to him so I couldn't see any of it until the movie was edited... Had a little wank during that time and then went back to editing! I switched it up, position wise, and soon I was bouncing on his cock and driving him crazy.
The pounding continued until I began to slowly wear him down and I could tell that he was losing his grip on his little "act" of disinterest and the eyes don't like. I fucked that cock of his for almost 10 minutes before he was letting me know that he couldn't hold on any longer. In a matter of seconds thereafter, Martinez blew a load that went deep inside Rob but you were feeling it right with him because he vocalized the nut so well! Check this orgasm out!
2020-08-01 11:16:31
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