Skybo wrestling - No Chance 9

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DescriptionDenny has picked up Basti in No Chance 08 after he got a call from Christian yelling at him. Basti gets humiliated by angry Denny when Christian enters the room and joins the two. He attacks Denny right away to get Basti free. But it does not take long and Denny has again the top position. Basti tries to escape silently, but Denny has realized it, lets go on Christian to pick on Basti again. He actually provokes a fight against the two boys at same time. And a real fight is up now. Despite the fact Basti is weak, fighting against two opponents is a challenge, even for Denny. They achieve to get Denny in trouble again and again, but Dennys strategy is smart. He attacks Christian and gets him in a secure hold, afterwords he has an easy game to get in control of Basti as well. Christian ends up in a deadly headscissor and Basti in an efficient headlock and Denny has the two under control. Now Christian really gets angry, he grabs a screwdriver to attack Denny. Before this has any impact, Denny takes the tool away and throws it alongside. No one should be injured, it is good enough for him to dominate the two boys. Basti is recovering on the recliner and lets Christian do the whole work. But we all know how this ends up. Christian calls Basti in again to attack the dominator as a team. Denny is reacting swiftly with foot domination on Christian, Sleeperholds on Basti, Figure 4 headlock on Christian which takes away his breath and defense. Now Denny has his fresh victim where he wants him, on his back and being Dennys seat. He enjoys to sit on the muscle boys chest and posing a bit. Even the attack of Basti does not change anything. Denny has settled down on Christian teasing him with Breath Control, nasty actions and headlocks again and again. Denny dominates both boys as he likes, one after the other. They can land a good attack, but it is good enough to get Denny under control?
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