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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-02-27 |
Artiste Styles + Domino Star 2

Artiste and Domino back again hangin out just's suckin that dick why better than he can play ball and Domino is lovin his performance. After some face fuckin Domino goes straight for dat ass pushin his mega piece of meat all the way in and dickin down Artiste hard. Artiste got some good ass and Domino is claimin it all til he's ready to bust that nut and all over Artiste's chest and face and end it all in a sloppy wet snow ballin make out session!

Day Day + Tyler Trenton

Tyler Trenton is in tha locker room showin off his lil ass in a jockstrap after practice to Day Day who wastes no time bendin Tyler over for a closer look. You know Day Day is likin dat shit because he tongue-fucks Tylers hole and eats it like its his birthday cake! Tyler swallows every inch of Day Day, slobbering all over his rod before getting it rammed up his tight ass real deep n hard. All that work just makes Tyler hungry and after bustin his nut all over he leans down to lick it all up with his cum covered ass up in tha air!

Carmelo Star + Romeo Storm

Carmelo and Romeo chillin on some balcony or whatever when Romeo tells a brotha he ain't had sex in a minute so Carmelo let him know he down to get his ass smashed proper. Romeo promises him he'll tear that shit apart til the sun comes up and he's keeping his promise fa sho. That ass takes a beating of a life time and Carmelo loves every second of it. They fuck all night long til Romeo needs to cum all over Carmelo's face!

Day Day + Kemancheo

Day Day and Kemancheo just done trainin and goin back to the locker room bitchin about that mafuckin coach and they ready to vent their frustration by suckin some dick and fuckin raw all day long. Day Day fucks Kemancheo bent over by the lockers and then moves him over to a bench to give him a proper raw ass fucking. He dicks that brotha down proper til they need to bust those nuts. And bust they do all over the team's jersey so the coach can lick that nut and go fuck himself!

Day Day + Treal

Day Day and Treal chillin in the hood on their way back to the crib wanting to get their fuck on. Treal is all over that dick wit his big lips gettin that shit wet and ready to penetrate his ass. Day Day starts fuckin Treal doggy style on the bed workin that shit in real good til it's time to really put the hurt on. He's just a ruthless gangsta fuckin that ass hard and Treal's dick on hard the entire time loving that fuckin he's getting. When it's time to cum Day Day lands a big fat sloppy nut all over that ass!

Morgan Manson + Tyler Trenton

Morgan and Tyler meet for the first time but waste no time gettin down and dirty. They taste some dick but before long Tyler needs to get in some ass and Morgan is happy to give dat pussy up. Morgan gets bent over and dicked down raw and deep until he’s beggin for more with his big dick swingin between his legs. Tyler nuts all over dat ass and Morgan makes sure to get his too spraying Tylers face with a real big phat juicy load.

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