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Csaba Borbély's "The Cockfather" boasts a wicked logo spoof on that of "The Godfather," but doesn't have much else to do with that classic. Here the unbelievably hot Hungarians get to do it every which way among vintage cars, all dressed in tailed morning suits that look like relics from Edwardian Ascot races. The cars are nice, but the men need no help, as they are so beautiful they take away from the cars! As a bonus, the dialogue here is all in English.

Ken Spencer, in a grayish suit, and Evan Rochelle, in a dark suit with silver lapels, are cleaning the vintage cars when Ken decides it's time for some cocksucking. So, he stands on one of the cars and lets Evan grapple with his long two-hander while he strokes his own very mighty piece. Typically Hungarian, the cocks are bigger than the mouths, but they are so lusty and handsome, that all looks just fine. Ken has an even tougher time with Evan's dick, but his gusto more than makes up for it. Helmut Müller, in a bright yellow suit, hears the sounds of eager sex and goes to check it out, popping out his own boner. The boyish-faced manly Helmut joins the action but sucking his two new friends while they kiss. From there, it's pure nudity while Helmut takes it up the ass from Evan and gets a sucking from Ken (on both ends of Helmut are men with some welcome hair on their bodies). Helmut gives Evan easy access sideways to his ass and then sits on Ken to get fucked while Evan orally feeds him cock. Ken works hard from underneath, never stopping for a second. To prep for cumming, Evan and Ken suck Helmut together and all three finish.

While Helmut goes to meet with someone who seems like a big cheese (it's never explained what that cheese is), three henchmen go to the cars for some fun. Glenn Santoro, in a powder blue suit, joins Austin Rogers, in a dark suit with green lapels and Gerry Preston, in a pale outfit with royal blue tie and vest. Gerry jumps on one of the cars and lets out his dick. Austin doesn't bother to lose his top hat to start sucking, and neither does Glenn, on his knees immediately to blow Austin. There is a lot of loud moaning as the guys wrap their lips around each others dicks, with Austin the most energetic. Gerry isn't above sucking either, doing both slightly hairy-chested Austin and fuzzy Glenn. All three leave on their ties, as befits proper horny gentlemen (or aspiring Chippendales). As usual, Borbély makes his boys work in various positions, all of which are very hot. When it's time to fuck, Austin sits in the front seat of the car to beat off watching Glenn's ass get raided by Gerry, doing the upwards thrusting thing with strength, if not much depth. They leave the car so Glenn can be fucked by taller Austin, whose long uncut cock seems a better fit. He and Gerry tag-team fuck Glenn and then they return to the car where Austin gets some solo time. Austin has the biggest of the three cum-shots.

Helmut shows Marco Sanchez his cars. Marco is an exceptionally handsome smaller man with a chiseled sexy face. During the tour, they come upon two guys having sex in a garage and quickly go the other way. The two they have come upon are cream-suited darker-skinned Breno Lopez fucking the heck out of Mario McCable, still wearing the remnants of his dark suit. Breno goes at Mario with ferocious energy, pile-driving his cock into tall Mario, with the slapping sounds left as great assistance. The guys lose all of their clothing so shaved-headed Breno can take Mario in a sideways position that has all of their muscles engaged, including two hardworking tongues. Wowing powerhouse Breno grabs Mario's dick as he fucks him, drawing a cum-shot out of him, but not stopping himself until he's good and ready, which isn't anytime soon. After generous fucking, Mario stands over Breno, dick in his mouth, Breno finger-fucking him and stroking himself heatedly. Breno then gets a loving almost tender blowjob from Mario. This nets a creamy load to Mario's chest from his top and another shot from Mario.

Having seen just a moment of the above scene, Marco is shocked and wants to leave the party, which he took to be a look-see for vintage car lovers (and is actually a trap to get a car). But, Helmut's goons, Gino Francesco, in an all gold ensemble, and Rogerio Mateo, get him alone, without he help of trusty bodyguard Flavio McAlistar, in a bright bluish piece. You can't exactly pity the amazingly gorgeous Marco, who doesn't look upset at all to be blowing Gino and wrapping his free hand around Rogerio's enormous uncut dick. Back and forth he goes with oodles of oomph, his own dick very hard as he applies his hardworking mouth to the unbelievably mammoth stiffies. This leads to a chain with tattooed Marco almost deep-throating Gino, who sucks Rogerio without the excitement of Marco. Naturally, it's stellar Marco who winds up with his butt as the treasure trove, first dug into by Gino, who is a bit awkward as a top, but does get his dick far inside. Rogerio dangles his hooked cock over Marco's face for a fine sucking. Even better than this missionary position is a sideways fuck where Marco really takes a torpedo plugging, his rock-hard abs tight and his slightly hairy chest so beefy and sexy. Rogerio gets a chance to sample Marco, positioned on the car in a magnificent position to ride Rogerio's cock. Rogerio delivers an equally fun fuck doggy to Marco, now blowing Gino until the tops are ready to let go their cream on Marco.

All along, Helmut has wanted Marco's car, and Flavio isn't happy about the way it was done. So, he pushes Helmut to his crotch and makes him suck, although within a half a second, Helmut is doing just fine on his own and needs no force. I do love the bright corn color of Helmut's suit, flashing as he delves pretty far down on Flavio's dick. Nudity finally rules, which makes the blowing easier. Flavio doesn't suck, but he does slam two fingers into Helmut's ass nastily before fucking him. Once he does insert his cock, he continues with the intense angry plugging. Helmut's ass is so cock-ready, which allows chiseled Flavio to work with speed and force. Facing his top, Helmut straddles Flavio and sits solid so Flavio can penetrate him with upward thrusts. Without ever pulling out, they tumble onto the floor for a really interesting sideways workout, and Flavio doesn't lose his bestial force. Flavio cums and then has some angry words for Helmut on the way out.

It's truly impossible to pick out the hottest man from a pack like this. There isn't anyone here who shouldn't be immortalized in marble or bronze, but if you forced me to pick, I would have to say that men don't get much better than Marco Sanchez.


                                                            *** Highly Recommended ***

2006, 01h 37m 43s

Resolution: 699 X 352

Country:  Hungary

Studio:  Mansize by Private

Cast:  Austin Rogers, Breno Lopez, Evan Rochelle, Flavio McAllister, Gerry Preston, Gino Francesco, Glen Santoro, Helmut Muller, Ken Spencer, Marco Sanchez, Mario McCabe, Rogerio Mateo

Director:  Csaba Borbely
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