SEVP - Gay Weekend 4 (Dvd-rip MP4)

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DescriptionGay Weekend 4
Released: 2002 | Running time: 93 min. | Director: Nir Rosenbaum | Audio: Dolby Digital (AC3) stereo | DVD format: NTSC 4:3 |

Hot action between a bevy of gorgeous, over-active young guys, whose idea of a weekend by the sea is getting drenched by your best friend's cum! Another barebacking classic DVD from SEVP. This scene has several hot ball-sucking scenes where the bottom just lets the shaft rest on his face while he works on those balls! And, of course, there are plenty of hot skin-to-skin scenes between two and three hot twinks and a final scene with two cum pigs getting their faces slapped with a drained dick!

"Gay Weekend 4" starts out with a dark-haired slim guy with surprisingly tight abs taking a shower in a resort hotel. A bottle-topped guy comes in, pulls aside the shower curtain, and takes Tight Abs' stiffie into his mouth. Bottle Top is kind of cute and slim, and also hung, which he demonstrates ably when Tight Abs gives him a quick blow before bending him over and shoving his sizable bare cock up Bottle Top's skinny ass in a very good penetration sequence that clearly demonstrates the consequences of a lack of lube. Yum! Tight Abs fucks Bottle Top all over the bathroom in a variety of positions, including one where he arches upward in the tub as Bottle Top balances himself over him in a sit-fuck the likes of which you've probably never seen in a porn flick. They eat each other's fat loads and share a cummy kiss to end the scene.

Taut handsome Raver from "Gay Weekend 3" is stacking wood into a hotel's boiler when a hot blond hunk (named Blondy in other S.E.V.P. flicks, but unidentified here) comes in to check on him and have sex. Blondy has bleached his cropped hair more than usual, but still looks mighty fine as he drops to his knees to give Raver's fat cock a once and twice over. He then offers his own beautiful schlong to Raver, and we get to see Blondy's natural body, lightly covered with brown fuzz, which helps to accentuate his fabulous nipples as well. Normally a very aggressive top, Blondy lets Raver fuck him doggy for a few minutes before taking his preferred position as pile-driver extraordinaire, fucking Raver missionary and rodeo before feeding him a load of goo that Raver eagerly laps up. Blondy then returns the favor, allowing Raver's cumload to cover his face and drip all over as he cleans up the shaft with his throat ending the scene in a cummy kiss.

A strongly built street-tough looking brunet with gold streaks takes a seat on a couch and fishes out his fat cock. His pouty-faced black-haired roommate spies on him, but gets caught, and Gold Streak forces him to eat wang. Pouty Face does a good job, exciting Gold Streak into returning the favor on Pouty's very pretty, short, upturned pecker. Meanwhile a hawk-faced, very tight-bodied, but very slim, dude ambles in from the next room and Pouty Face begins making kissy-face with him as Gold Streak begins to sample Hawk Face's wares, which are very impressive, indeed. They move to the couch for some mutual oral pleasurings before Gold Streak rips Pouty Face's shirt off and puts him on his knees to take Hawk Face's fat cock in his mouth as Gold Streak pounds his hole, both fuckers still in their tighty-whities. They switch sides for a while, and then Gold Streak moves into Hawk Face's ass. They all cum into each other's mouths in sequence at the end.

Two mid-20s guys who resemble each other -- short hair, naturally built, rather Plain Janes meet in the attic to suck and fuck. One of them appears to be the cover boy. It's a standard scene without much excitement: they fuck each other on a leather couch, eat each other's loads. I'd like to see Cover Boy in a better pairing, he could be very hot. Next.

In a porn video store, a beefy skinhead is cruising a bird-faced student when a swarthy hard-edged skinner with a three-day growth comes in moves over to Beefy and grabs his crotch. They kiss and Beefy drops to his knees to service Swarthy as Bird Face strips and starts whacking off to the show. His cock becomes too tempting for Swarthy to pass up, so he moves over, Beefy in tow, to sample the goods. After a few minutes, they move to a convenient chaise lounge where Bird Face fucks Beefy doggy as the later laps up Swarthy's crotch; Bird Face then fucks Swarthy doggy as he eats Beefy's pud. Bird Face then cums all over the faces of the other two as they are kissing, they don't eat the load. Then Swarthy cums directly into the faces of Bird Face and Beefy, both of whom eat the cum and clean his cock. The movie ends with Beefy cumming into the mouths of his kissing partners, and they growl, lap, kiss, swallow and clean in a fitting ending to another yum-yum-pass-the-cum festival.
(by Bo Champion)

Angel, Denis, Jerom, Jimmy, Keno, Nagel, Saimon, Sean, Steve, Ted

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NB: This DVD got at leased removed extra content. Don't know if the remaining had been shrunk, too.

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