♺ Massive Studio - Hard Cops 2 (rmvb)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2008-12-26 |
unknown uploader | Hard Cops 2

Studio: Massive Studio
Cast: Zak Spears  Barrett Long  Parker Williams  Jeff Brooks  Adam Faust  Trey Casteel
Director: John Bruno

Zak Spears gets fucked by Barrett Long. Hard. And loves it.
If thats all you need to know, then whip out your credit card. Otherwise,
this video is too often an exercise in frustration.
Massive Studio is a newer studio with a special taste for beefy men.
Theres absolutely nothing wrong with that, especially for this reviewer,
as long as you know how to show them having hot sex, and unfortunately Massive
still hasnt quite figured that out yet. Its not the hot sex part,
its the showing part.
This is porn, after all, and we want the camera to get in where the action is and stay there so we can enjoy it. (OK, jerk off to it.) Hard Cops 2 has some great close-ups - especially of that aforementioned Spears-Long fuck - but too often theyre quickly cut away to full-body shots or weird angles where you can hardly see anything. When you have rimming scenes where you barely see the asshole getting rimmed, thats not good.Hard Cops 2 tells the story - if you can call i
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