KO EAST Frankfurt Hayashi x Moeto x Toru Ichinose

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A digging battle that can only be seen at Masuarao
Attractive 3 top models!

Hayashi: “I want to make you scream a lot with my huge cock!”
Toru: “I want to do my best while enjoying myself!”
Moeto "I'm really looking forward to it because he's an actor who personally bought his work!
I'm a M to the extent that I can get a do, so I want to be deep throat or that big cock!"

Owner of one of the best big cocks in the industry Frankfurt cuts straight video boy with bangs!!
Pant voice that does not stop being poked deep inside!!

Sucking like fighting for Hayashi's dick!!
Straight and straight entanglement that can not be seen usually
Don't miss the intense digging in 3P!!

1. Frankfurt Hayashi x Toru Ichinose
Interview with Hayashi and Toru. SEX that a straight AV actor and a gay video straight model are fascinated!!

2. Frankfurt Hayashi x Moeto
Interview with Hayashi and Moe. A gay model forgets to take a picture with a longing straight AV actor and feels spree!!

3. Three miraculous people who meet
3P with Hayashi, Toru and Moe!
Hayashi's big cock never gets tired!
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