Tim Fuck 6

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DescriptionTIMFUCK VOLUME 6 is the latest collection of hand picked gut-breeding scenes from TIMFUCK.com. In this 2/12 hour fuckfest they've selected some of the most hardcore cum-drenched scenes from porn's triple-threat TIM movie masters Paul Morris, Max Sohl, and Liam Cole.

1 - JAYSON PARK GANGBANG  When voracious fuckslut JAYSON PARK told us he was having a few friends over for a friendly gangbang, we had to tag along. In this all-out orgy of fucking, sucking, and more, load after load of spunk fills up the cumwhore's needy holes and meets in his belly.

2 - LUKE THOMAS FUCKS DREW SUMROK  DREW SUMROK got so obsessed with LUKE THOMAS's long, thick cock, this one almost turned into a pure suck session. As soon as DREW thought about what that hot slab of manmeat would feel like sliding up his fuck chute, though, he was on his back with his legs spread. That was all the invitation LUKE needed to ram home.

3 - HOTEL CUMDUMP  The hotel cumdump is a time-honored tradition and enduring fantasy for a lot of men, including JACK ALEN and JEREMY EAST. JACK told his buddy JEREMY he wanted to do an anonymous fuck scene--as long as JEREMY made sure there was already jizz up his hole. No problem for cock 'n' cum addict JEREMY, who happily set himself up in a sleazy midtown hotel and invited us along.

4 - WADE AND TINO  WADE STONE has built himself a reputation as one of the most brutally dominant topmen around--but he can also play nice when that's what the bottom needs it. That's just how he handles tight-assed li'l TINO here, in complete control throughout even as he goes easy on the kid.

5 - ADAM GUNNER & JEREMY IN NYC  When ADAM GUNNER invited our New York office to watch him load up his buddy JEREMY THOMAS' cum-hungry hole, we headed over right away. Turns out these horny fuckers couldn't wait for the camera--JEREMY was already choking on ADAM's fat cock by the time we got there. Things were only getting started, though.  After fucking his throat, ADAM teases JEREMYs sweet hole before giving him what every good slut bottom craves: a thorough dicking in multiple positions. Finally ADAM unleashes his load deep inside, filling the slut bottom to overflowing and then using his fingers to push the dripping globs of spooge back up his ass.

6 - CALVIN AND JUSTIN  For CALVIN, no holds are barred when it comes to fucking. In this session, the versatile TIM stud gets on his knees and gives up both his holes for ebony powertop JUSTIN. After letting the bottom nurse on his impressive stallion cock, JUSTIN feeds CALVIN manmeat the way he's been craving it: sliding inch by inch up his tight fuckchute and masterfully pounding him six ways to Sunday. By the time JUSTIN delivers his hot, gooey load, their smiles say there's nothing more either man could want.

7 - SLING FUCKIN' FLIP  The only thing LUKE CROSS loves more than a good, hard sling fuck is having an audience for it. He asked if we wanted to film his session with fuck buddy TRISTEN VALEN, and we couldn't get over there fast enough. Super verbal LUKE lies back in the sling first, hole twitching as he opens wide for TRISTEN's probing tongue and iron-hard cock. After TRISTEN slimes LUKES's fuck chute with jizz, the two men switch. Once TRISTEN is settled in the sling, LUKE greedily eats out his hole before ramming home and pounding TRISTEN raw, making the ecstatic bottom whimper and moan in pure pleasure.

8 - POOLSIDE THREEWAY  Take a break from winter with this sizzlin' poolside threesome. KEVIN KRAMER was running late but BRAD SLATER and MARK VANDERBILT literally couldn't wait to get their mouths on each other. By the time KEVIN gets there, the guys are balls-deep down each other's throats. KEVIN dives right in, sliding his cock up MARK's fuckchute (piercing and all) and reaming the ecstatic bottom while he and BRAD continue nursing on each other's dicks. It's fun in the sun as the guys mix things up, trading places and positions until everyone has a chance to shoot their wad.

9 - DREW AND DANNY  After seeing DREW SEBASTIAN in action in a couple of TIM scenes, DANNY BLUE dropped us a line saying he wanted his shot at the TIM stud in person -- "He can do anything he wants to me," DANNY said.  DREW takes the kid at his word in this searing session as he fucks DANNY in every position he can think of. Finally, after unleashing his load and getting a taste of the hot, gooey spunk he just dumped in DANNY's hole, DREW lies back and opens wide as DANNY makes a mouth-watering sperm deposit of his own directly onto DREW's waiting tongue.

10 - JOSE SURRENDERS TO AARON  When AARON XANDERS asked JOE RODEO if he wanted to do a scene for us, JOE wasn't sure at first. Then AARON promised to make him forget all about our cameras, and JOE couldn't resist the challenge. True to his word, AARON uses all of his considerable skills--not to mention his awe-inspiring cock--getting JOE into it. The intense kissing throughout deepens their connection and it's obvious AARON succeeds in his mission, rendering JOE joyfully oblivious to all else as he fucks the bottom every which way.

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