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24 years old
5ft 6 (1.68m)

It's a laid-back afternoon at the rugby club and the lads are feeling light-headed and mischievous after several pints. New teammate Ben desperately wants to fit in and will do anything to be accepted by his older more experienced new buddies. It's a good thing all that beer has broken down his inhibitions because it's initiation time. Laughing and being passed from man to man young sporty Ben's clothes are yanked off. He's made to undergo several humiliating stunts leaving his face red and his bum hole sore. But after it all he knows he'll finally be a fully fledged member of this club.

19 years old
6ft (1.82m)

Sweet-faced young Murray is looking to get into business and wants the guidance of some older suited gentlemen. Naive and shy he grudgingly allows himself to be manhandled and cross-questioned by his superiors. Up until this point he's spent his summers carefree riding around the park on his bicycle checking out women. Now he learns what it means to knuckle down and work to impress the men who can secure his employment. The dumbstruck boy is shocked by the intensity of the encounter experiencing many new sensations for the first time.


In daily life, macho straight men such as Darren does not accept sexual remarks from other guys without some violence taking place. However in our office he has to endure there answering our unpleasant questions while we prod his manly sexy body and remove his clothes in this special added cmnm video. It is a bit of paradise burying our nasty noses between Darren’s warm ass cheeks and there is an incredibly hot macho aroma. He learns a crucial lesson in this free cmnm gallery in how to be totally submissive with three suited businessmen circling him, switching him into a sexual item who’s only there to fulfill our raging desires.

The dominant casting directors at The Casting Room have been working especially hard and wanted afternoon entertainment so they invite Terrance in for a second porn interview.This means that if the sucker wants any more work he has to submit to whatever they want to do with his naked body. While the directors remain fully suited, they strip him down, play with his ass and wank him off. His hard, well-developed muscular body makes a pleasantly distracting toy.

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