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Michael Lachlan Pack (aka Alex from AABoys)

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DescriptionUpdate: TomasBrand Breeds MichaelLachlan [2015-05-01].mp4

All Australian Boys - Alex.rar    31.21 MB
MichaelLachlan01 -AllAustralianBoys- Alex (The Biggest Load Ever!!).wmv    204.21 MB
MichaelLachlan02 -LucasEntertainment- Premiere Bareback Scene with MichaelLucas [2013-12-20].mp4    544.92 MB
MichaelLachlan03 -LucasEntertainment- Shows SethTreston & AddisonGraham Who's Boss [2014-03-21].mp4    1.19 GB
MichaelLachlan04 -LucasEntertainment- Seduces & Flip-Fucks Maintenance Man SebastianRossi [2014-03-28].mp4    1.02 GB
MichaelLachlan05 -LucasEntertainment- Returns To Suck and Fuck DylanJames Raw [2015-04-17].mp4    814.51 MB
MichaelLachlan06 -LucasEntertainment- Flip-Fucks LoganRogue [2015-04-21].mp4    814.65 MB
MichaelLachlan07 -LucasEntertainment- TomasBrand Breeds MichaelLachlan [2015-05-01].mp4    936.93 MB

1) AllAustralianBoys - Alex.rar
This is a collection of his photoshoot in AAB.

2) MichaelLachlan01 -AllAustralianBoys- Alex (The Biggest Load Ever!!).wmv
(Never seen anything like this......so fucking sexy!!!! Yum. Makes me wonder sometimes.....what does he eat that we don't....LOL)
Alex is use to getting up early in the mornings to pound the black line up and down the pool. Yes he is a completion swimmer His cut, cat like slim, toned, smooth body has a HUGE Cock handing off it. It almost looks supernatural. When he came - it looked like he was drowning himself in cum. He just kept Cumming and Cumming!!

3) MichaelLachlan02 -LucasEntertainment- Premiere Bareback Scene with MichaelLucas.mp4
Michael is a handsome new Aussie that has the chiseled body of an athlete. He cruises MichaelLucas, who falls for the look of Lachlan right away. They head back to Lachlan’s apartment and start kissing each other; with each peck on the lips, another piece of clothing falls off (Lachlan is an incredible sight in his underwear) until Michael takes Lachlan’s underwear off completely and shows the massive cock he has between his legs. The two Michaels suck each other for a bit and Lucas eats out Lachlan’s hole before Lachlan gets on his hands and knees. And at long last, Michael slides his raw cock into Lachlan’s muscular ass. Michael first fucks his new big-dicked bottom doggy style, and the look on Lachlan’s face and his moans of pleasure couldn’t be better! But the best position is when Lachlan lays back on Michael and takes a ride on the 10 inches of uncut Russian cock; all the while he is stroking his own massive, fat uncut dick! Lucas shoots his load after deep-fucking Lachlan raw on his back!

4) MichaelLachlan03 -LucasEntertainment- Shows SethTreston & AddisonGraham Who's Boss.mp4
Michael always looks good no matter what: in athletic clothes, a suit, naked -- well, he's preferred to be naked. His face is handsome, his body is incredible, and the big fat uncut cock he has between his legs is a killer. And it's this battering ram that Seth and Addison want to play with, and play with it they do! They guys go back and forth over who will get to take a ride on it first, and who can blame them?

5) MichaelLachlan04 -LucasEntertainment- Flip-Fucks SebastianRossi.mp4
Michael shows off his body to the audience while walking around his apartment the morning after his business threesome -- he’s in his briefs and looks incredible. But there’s a plumbing problem -- luckily, he has his Polish maintenance man, Sebastian, on speed dial. Sebastian stops by to inspect the problem, but Michael finds it impossible to control himself. When should be a routine repair turns into the two hot gay studs sucking each other off (they both have beautiful uncut cocks) before they fucking each other raw in what will be a wildly sexy gay bareback sex scene from LucasEntertainment!

6) MichaelLachlan05 -LucasEntertainment- Returns To Suck and Fuck DylanJames Raw [2015-04-17].mp4
It’s been about one year since we’ve last seen Michael: he was one of the first breakthrough performers when the studio went bareback, and he’s been sorely missed since his last scene debuted. But he’s now come out of retirement, and I like to think it has something to do with Dylan, our new exclusive model and all-around macho hunk. Both Michael and Dylan love sex and embrace their versatility: giving and receiving raw oral and anal sex is something they both can’t get enough of, and none of that enthusiasm is lost in this scene. But if you think I’m going to give away all of the details, you’re wrong. You’re going to have to watch it to see what these two are capable of together.

7) MichaelLachlan06 -LucasEntertainment- Flip-Fucks LoganRogue [2015-04-21].mp4
LoganRogue and TomasBrand are one of the most recognizable couples in the gay porn industry: Logan’s softer good looks offset Tomas’ sternly sexy appearance. But here in this scene one of the first noticeable elements are Logan and Michael’s similar features. They’re both fairer and of the same build -- you could even say they’re equally matched. And their chemistry is evident from the beginning -- all of Michael’s smiles and laughs let us know he’s going to enjoy the sucking and fucking that’s to come. Michael fucks Logan bareback, but Logan takes it up a notch and by the end pounds Lachlan.

8) MichaelLachlan07 -LucasEntertainment- TomasBrand Breeds MichaelLachlan [2015-05-01].mp4
Tomas sure looks like he’s enjoying Michael’s pecks -- I’ve never seen him so sensually manhandle someone before. And then there’s Michael’s smiles -- just like with Logan, he’s now getting his shot with the other half of porn’s power couple and he loves every minute of it. Beginning at 2:30 there’s an incredibly sensual embrace between the two men, proving why Tomas and Michael are two of the best porn stars out there. After plenty of sucking, Tomas is the first to take raw cock, and Michael doesn’t hold back. But let’s face it, Michael sometimes is most comfortable on his back, and Tomas is more than happy to take advantage of that desire with a raw and rough pounding. This could be Michael’s best performance, and if you’re in disbelief check out 35:00 -- the action says it all.

My Own Personal Collection of his.......Recently found out Michael was Alex....Had his solo for a long time now....
That Cumshot is just seriously unbelievable.....you'll never believe it till you see it for yourself~~
So happy he decided to do porn.....bareback with LucasEntertainment as well....so HOT!!!
Get it while you can guys.....it can be taken down again >_<
Enjoy....and seedpoints are always welcome....Thanks~
Hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did......xkiss
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