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DescriptionHang-Over GangBang
May 11, 2011 - Six of us are sitting around the house nursing hangovers and comparing morning woods. Zach flops on the couch, he’s pretty wrecked, too. We need some relief, so I shove my big dick in his mouth. (I’m Dayton, btw.) Then Jackson takes his turn. While Zach is blowing Jackson’s huge, fat dick, I start fucking Zach’s tight ass. Jackson and I take turns feeding Zach’s puckered hole and hungry throat. We pass him around several times until Zach is sitting on Jackson's cock. I slide my big dick in, too, and Zach takes both of our big dicks up his ass. He spews all over Jackson. But we’re still in need of a nut, so we grab cameraman Sebastian and take turns using his fuck hole and mouth. Sebastian lies across the workout bench and Jackson splatters a big load all over him. Then I blast a huge fucking stream of cum across Sebastian’s belly and a couple of vigorous spurts hit the cameraman, covering his track pants with jizz. With two loads of spunk on his belly, Sebastian adds his thick load. And that’s how you recover from a hangover.

Late Night Orgy
Aug 17th, 2011 - When I entered the rec-room, three of my buddies were going at it on the couch. Jackson was face fucking Zach and got a bit aggressive, this led to an intense wrestling session on the floor. Eventually Zach gives in and as he sucks Jackson’s huge cock, blond frat boy Conner fucks Zach from behind. They move to the workout bench and Jackson finally gets a turn at fucking Zach’s ass. Jackson’s got a huge, thick dick so it was good thing Conner warmed up that ass. Then Conner sits back on the couch and Zach vigorously pumps his own cock as he bucks on Conner’s fat bone. Conner thinks Zach’s going to cum and says, ‘Shoot that shit all over me.’ But Zach’s not done yet, Jackson is and he nuts all over Conner. Krys, who has been filming and is still wearing his clothes, pulls his dick out and pumps one out. Conner does his famous two-handed jerk off and you’ve got to see this, it’s intense how he jerks himself. Then Zach comes back and shoots five big, juicy squirts of jizz all over Conner’s cum-soaked body.

the New Guy has a Big Dick
I wanted to show the new guy, Jackson, how things roll at the Fraternity X house. Dayton and a cock-hungry butt boy, Ayden, joined us, and a couple other fratboys worked the cams. Dayton feeds this cocksucker his big dick as the new guy watches and gropes his crotch. When Dayton starts fucking ass, Jackson moves in and feeds his big cock down Ayden’s throat. What a cock! It’s so thick and wide! Even after Dayton opened up this bottom, Ayden still whined and squirmed as this super fat bone slid into his ass. ‘How’s that dick feel?’ Dayton asks. ‘It fucking hurts,’ cries Ayden. Dayton holds Ayden down while he gets his ass fucked good. The close-ups are awesome. I don’t know how Ayden took it, but afters several minutes of intense boning, he shot his load. Jackson pumps for another minute, then splooges all over this freshly-fucked guy. Dayton jumps in a sprays a vigorous load all over him, too. And that’s how things are done at FraternityX house. Welcome home!
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