♺ KinkyAngels - New Series, Issue 10 (1440 x 816 mp4)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-11-06 |
Released 11.5.13 | All six sex clips from the latest edition of Kinky Angels, the ultimate porn reality show featuring models from Bel Ami. This issue includes performers Misha Akunin, Adam Archuleta, Boris Beckham, Scott Bennet, Jim Kerouac, Kuba, Billy Montague, Gino Mosca, Claude Sorel & Kevin Warhol.

Sc 1: Sharing Misha - Kevin Warhol, Gino Mosca & Misha Akunin - Life isn’t fair but with the Kinky Angels it’s certainly fun. In this scene Gino does all the hard work of seducing Misha then Kevin joins in to reap the rewards. Fair? No. Fun? Yes! Gino is too busy enjoying himself to object.

Sc 2: Sex with Adam is Great - Adam Archuleta & Claude Sorel - It is a question that has plagued mankind since time immemorial and debated by philosophers for generations. That question is, of course, what constitutes a scene opening? Every fan director and actor seems to have a different take. With Adam the answer is easy: whatever is the quickest way to get his partner into the nearest free bedroom (with Adam all it usually takes is his smile). Now maybe he’ll get him to work on the meaning of life.

Sc 3: And Great Becomes Perfect - Jim Kerouac, Adam Archuleta & Claude Sorel - What’s the shortest distance between a hard dick and a willing ass? A few hours with Adam! Adam confides to Jim what a great lay Claude is. After a bit of searching, Jim finds Claude more than “ready” for round two.

Picking Cherries: Scott Bennet & Boris Beckham - When Boris is not giving head in scenes he is being hit in the head repeatedly - as a boxer. This may or may not explain why he introduces himself as Elvis. So if you see Boris a little battered and bruised, it is because of that, and not a bondage scene gone awry.

Home Video: Adam in the Shower - Adam Archuleta - Once again, fans our reaping the benefits of our models competitive natures. Adam saw Jack earning extra money by taking a camera into the bathroom. He also needed to work off tension after being spurned by Andre for a planned sex date. So Adam decides to try his hand at a selfie.

First Blowjob: Kuba & Billy Montague - Kuba earned this call back by rating well after his Bel Ami photo-session. Unfortunately this is all we have of him.
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